Flying Antinium

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The Flying Antinium are a variation of the Antinium, created and ruled by the Flying Queen.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

There are many different variants of Flying Antinium, because the Flying Queen keeps experimenting with their flawed forms: None of them can actually fly, but they are good at jumping into the air and then gliding on their wings.[1] This makes them cover a lot of ground very fast, like a hopping form of cavalry.[2]

Known variations are:

  • regular Warrior: four wings, two arms, eight eyes, elongated body that hunches forward. Spitting acid/poison may be a speciality of Pivr, who resembles this type.[2]
  • heavy-combat Warrior variant: thicker carapace plates, huge wings, horn like a beetle, sharp prongs[2]
  • regular Worker: not described yet

History[edit | edit source]

There were once "True" Flying Antinium, before the entire race almost entirely perished upon leaving Rhir. The new Flying Antinium are regarded as "half-baked copies" of the original ones, but are still the best that the Hives can produce.[3] These were deployed during the Second Antinium War.

Once, the Flying Antinium slaughtered an entire city to retrieve Klbkch's swords.[4]

When the Flying Queen sent Pivr to investigate the Free Antinium hive in Liscor with a delegation of six more Warriors, she gave orders that he should make a show of force by entering the city publicly. This incident almost provoked a war when they met Zel Shivertail and Ilvriss.[2]

During his second visit at the Free Hive, Pivr gifted two Flying Antinium workers to the Free Queen for live vivisection on orders of his Queen. Garry rescued them from this fate and the workers entered in his employ instead.[1]

Flying Antinium were among the forces from the Hivelands gathered to assist the inn defenders on the Winter Solstice.[5] They clashed with the phantoms in the sky. However, during the battle, they switched sides on the Flying Queen's orders and attacked the defenders.[6]

Notable Flying Antinium[edit | edit source]

Flying Prognugators[edit | edit source]

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