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This is a Draft
This guideline is currently being drafted. Your input is highly valuable to establish wiki standards and overall article styling. After finalization and community consensus, it will become protected and only editable by Administrators.

The New Chapter Guide lays out the steps and processes [Wiki Warriors] are to follow when a new chapter has been published. It ensures that all related articles, sections, modules, and references are updated in accordance to a new chapter release. Examples for each step are linked within their respective numbered step. reach out to a staff member or leave a comment here.

Contributors must wait for Patreon chapters to become public before proceeding. See the wiki's Patreon policies for more information.

Order of Actions[edit | edit source]

Create the Chapter page if someone hasn't already. You can use the #Chapter Page Layout below. Note that pirateaba usually uses as apostrophes and as dash. Best practice is to just copy-paste their chapter title as the page name. Now fill in at least the underscores and the Infobox. If you are lucky, there is even a fitting image for the chapter. In that case remove the <!-- and --> and add in the image (see here how to upload a new image). Add sub-categories from Category:Chapters as fitting. Save the page.

If you newly created the page, there are a few more steps to do before you add the chapter content:

  1. Go to the previous chapter and add this new chapter to nextChapter=, for example nextChapter=[[Chapter 9.66]]. If the chapter has something like "Pt. 1" in its name, add a non-breaking space (&nbsp;) to the display of the chapter link, for example nextChapter=[[Chapter 9.67 (Pt. 1)|Chapter 9.67 (Pt.&nbsp;1)]]. It will look nicer if the part number isn't alone in the second line of the Infobox.
  2. Go to the volume page and add the chapter to the chapter list.
  3. Go to the tl;dr tab of the volume and add the chapter to the tl;dr table.
  4. In case you added a sub-category from Category:Chapters to the page, add this chapter to the respective pages of these sub-categories if applicable.
  5. Update the latest chapter link to the Module:Ref code. Refer to past entries to follow convention.

If it wasn't you who created the chapter page you can still check if these points have been done by others and if not, do them yourself.

Writing a Synopsis[edit | edit source]

A synopsis is a detailed summary of the chapter. It should be at least one paragraph long and at most one page on paper if printed.

Writing a tl;dr[edit | edit source]

A tl;dr (short for "too lazy; didn't read") is an extremely short summary of the chapter. It should be at most 3 to 5 short sentences long. Look at the tl;dr as a very abbreviated version of the synopsis. tl;dr's are important to create arc overviews later on.

Chapter Page Layout[edit | edit source]

To preview this layout, hit the "Expand" link to the right.

'''Chapter ___''' is the __th chapter of [[Volume _]].



( * = First Appearance)

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A preloaded template will soon be created for quick and easy Chapter page creation. After the layout for Chapter Pages have been decided.