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This Style Guide defines the appearance of all articles on the Wandering Inn Wiki. It is intended to make the wiki consistent, clear, and precise with generally accepted standards that serve to help editors with language, layout, and formatting. Suggestions regarding these guidelines can be discussed with a staff member or within the comments below.

For content guidelines concerning a particular article page, see the Article Guide.

General[edit | edit source]

  • American English is used throughout the narration of The Wandering Inn, so this wiki will also use American English.
    • Examples: Realize, not realise. Color, not colour.
  • Correct spelling and grammar are to be used in all articles.
  • Theories and speculation are not to be included in wiki articles.
  • Numbers under ten are to be spelled out.
  • When a proper noun is regularly referred to with its definite article (The Pride of Kelia), include it in the article title. Then redirect from its simplified version (Pride of Kelia).
  • Capitalization of proper nouns should conform to the precedent set by the main series, The Wandering Inn.
  • When referring to species, the species is capitalized.
    • Examples: Humans, Cave Goblins, Hobs, Selphids.
  • To reduce article bloat and manual upkeep of multiple sections, redundant and duplicate information should be briefly summarized and then linked to its respective page. See The Sacrifice of Roses section for an example.

Perspective, Tone, and Tense[edit | edit source]

  • All articles are written in third person.
  • Article tone should be informative, factual, and unbiased.
  • Historical present tense is to be used in articles, synopses, and character chronologies/histories. Note: past tense is accepted according to the chronology of the sentence, such as in volume synopses. At any particular point of the story, as it unfolds, there is a now and so a past and a future.
    • Example: Erin attacks the [Guardsman] with [Minotaur Punch], a skill she learned while training with Calruz.
  • Pages of deceased characters are also written in historical present tense. Past tense continues to apply according to chronology in sentences such as in the above example.

Special Formatting[edit | edit source]

  • The name and aliases of the article are bolded at the top of each article's overview.
  • Words not in English or the common tongue of Innworld should be italicized.
    • Example: lingbegh.
  • Quotes, book titles, vehicles, ships, and other italicized objects from The Wandering Inn should also be italicized within the wiki.
    • Examples: Naq-Alrama steel. The Illuminary ship.
    • Pages whose names need to be italicized, such as the Illuminary can have their article titles italicized by adding {{DISPLAYTITLE:''Illuminary''}} to their source code.
  • The Wandering Inn uses right single quotation marks(Unicode 2019) in place of apostrophes(Unicode 0027). Redirects are created from the apostrophe page to the right single quotation page of an article.
  • Pages or Categories with definite articles in their name should use {{DEFAULTSORT:Name}} so that they are sorted properly.

Links[edit | edit source]

  • Do not link to the current page.
  • Avoid over-linking. Link to a page once per section, at most.

References and Citations[edit | edit source]

  • References to online chapters of The Wandering Inn are used when adding specific and notable information to an article, so that readers may use the citation to back track the information to a specific chapter.
  • References to online chapters can be added by
    • Visual Editing: Clicking the Cite button at the top of the page, and selecting TWI Website Chapter.
      Cite TWI Website Chapter.png
    • Source Editing: Using the Ref Template: {{ref|1.00}}