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Arcsinger’s Bows is a Gold-rank adventuring team, named after and led by the famous Elia Arcsinger. It is currently disbanded.

Background[edit | edit source]

Arcsinger's Bows are not a Named-rank team, despite having a Named-rank adventurer as a member.[1] Most of the team is hired, and each member is paid over a thousand gold coins every four months, on top of accommodations and share of profits, which Elia herself gets most of.[2] The team is costly to hire, and regularly spends a lot of gold in luxurious establishments and on expensive amenities. They also use Elia's fame to get invited to rich restaurants or noble's manor, where she will recount her story of slaying Velan.[3] They're known for crushing Goblins where they go.[1]

Chronology[edit | edit source]

Volume 5[edit | edit source]

Arcsinger's Bows were among the adventurers hired by Tyrion Veltras to attack the Army of the Goblin Lord and the Mountain City Tribe. Elia's presence was used to empty Dwarfhalls Rest of Goblins and help the human army drive the Goblins towards Liscor.[4]

Volume 7[edit | edit source]

Arcsinger's Bows met Ceria and Pisces from the Horns of Hammerad at Invrisil's Adventurer's Guild after they reached Gold-rank.[5] When members of the Kraken Eater Tribe escaped captivity from a circus in Invrisil, they were the ones that eliminated them. They pursued Nolocks to the Wandering Inn, where he was initially safe. They killed him once he left through the magical door, has he chose to ambush them rather than escape.[6]

Volume 8[edit | edit source]

Arcsinger's Bows participated in the Village of the Dead raid. They were placed in the backlines with the other ranged fighters, though Elia also requested that they didn't advance into potentially dangerous engagements.[1] They then argued over how to divide the wealth oft he raid with the other adventurers that participated.[7]

Volume 9[edit | edit source]

Arcsinger's Bows were aiming to gain a Relic-class item from the raid's loot, but Ceria pressured Elia and their [Negotiator] to back her plan on loot distribution instead.[8]

Xitegen Terland invited the team to the Djinni's Spoon in Invrisil to hire them, with the collected funds of multiple nobles, to kill the Goblins in the Unseen Empire's Goblinlands. He promised he and other nobles would back them up in two days, and they would observe their targets in the meanwhile.[9] When the day of the attack came, they enlisted other adventurers to help them: Spoken Vow and the Named adventurer Cosmenaut. They tried to recruit Halrac, or at least pay him to stay out of their way, but he refused, and so they knocked him out for a time. Later at Riverfarm, Xitegen prevented most interference, but they were still opposed by the Order of Solstice, Griffon Hunt and the Silver Swords. They battled to stop them from interfering with Elia, until Toreel killed Zanze. The battle quickly turned lethal as Jewel killed Toreel and two other adventurers perished until they surrendered. Finally, Halrac used his special arrow as Elia activated her Skill, resulting in her burning herself. The Goblins were saved, and Arcsinger's Bows failed their mission.[10]

Elia's treatment and recovery was overseen by the Healer of Tenbault. With the team's reputation in taters, three members have quit.[11]

Strength[edit | edit source]

While good against Goblins, their combat capacity is slightly lacking.[1] The team is mainly made up of bow users, with heavy warriors to block off enemies and a few mages at any given time. The team could have as many as nine members,[9] but is currently down to three.[11]

Name Race Position Status
Elia Arcsinger Half-Elf Leader & Archer Active
Capoinelia Arcsinger Half-Elf Archer Retired
Toreel Branchwrath Half-Elf Strategist & Archer Deceased
Angest Half-Elf Mage Unknown
Lilntas Human Vanguard Unknown
Anwyne Human Warrior Unknown
Iloid Half-Elf Archer & Rogue Unknown

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • There were once three Humans on the team.[5]

References[edit | edit source]