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This Wiki uses the SocialProfile extension, which implements user levels.

What are User Levels and what do they do?

They don't do anything, they're just here for fluff.

Don't feel superior because you have more points, or Erin will bonk you with a frying pan.

See Special:TopUsers for the leaderboards!

How to earn points?

Here are the ways to earn points:

  • Making an edit on a page: 5 points
  • Adding an avatar for the first time: 100 points

Since we're not using all the features provided by SocialProfile and its various extensions, there are no other ways yet to get points.

List of user levels

NOTE : Everyone starts with 1,000 because Mrsha didn't like having less than that.

User Levels
Class Points Needed
[No Class] 1,000
[Wiki Guest] 1,020
[Wiki Helper] 1,240
[Wiki Squire] 1,350
[Wiki Warrior] 1,500
[Wiki Knight] 2,000
[Wiki Champion] 3,000
[Wiki General] 5,000
[Wiki Stategist] 8,000
[Wiki Editor] 10,000
[Wiki Maid] 15,000
[Wiki Master] 20,000
[Wiki Noble] 30,000
[Wiki Royalty] 50,000
[Wiki Leader] 70,000
[Wiki Editor Extraordinaire] 100,000
[Typobane Editor] 130,000
[___ of the Wiki] 160,000
[THE Wandering Wiki Editor] 200,000