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This is a draft! Let's discuss!

Info we have from the List of Classes/A pages

  • Name
  • Characters who have/had that class
  • Class Type deemed not needed)
  • Class Requirements (1-n classes)
  • Specialization
  • Chapters the class was mentionned in (1-n chapters)

From that information, can we create a Class Page template?

Let's take Alchemist as an example for class:

I'd see something like this on a page.

= Alchemist =

(Sections or Infobox with class type + requirements + specialization?)


== Requirements ==

* (link to another class) 

== Specializations ==

* List of classes derivating from that class (using Cargo/our classes database))

== References ==

(chapter list)
== Characters ==

* Use CategoryTree to display characters of that class inside the page itself(by adding a "s" to the category name)
* For unique classes we can just name the character who has it.

How to proceed[edit | edit source]

  1. Make a good template for a page
  2. Make a google doc with the List of Classes/A and so on pages.
  3. Manually review the document
    • Verify Class names
    • Add characters that should belong to the class
    • Add a column with "base classes" which should point to the base class this class is from. Magical Innkeeper should ahve Innkeeper in there. If it's a consolidation, it should have several names separated by a | (pipe)

Once the document is completed, a script can be written by leveraging the mediawiki API and do the following for us :

  • Create a page per class with the aforementionned template
  • Add a link to this page somewhere on each character mentionned (or make sure it exists.)

Other things you'd like it to do ?