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After browsing through 90% of the categories here's some suggestions/questions. Here's a page for that since it'll allow easier discussions about each item (instead of posting this in a comment in the categories revamp discussion page.

If an item is crossed off and marked as DONE, this does not mean discussion is closed on an item. Feel free to reopen discussion if you disagree, with a comment.

  1. Category:Content shouldn't contain Category:Browse (Browse should be the base) DONE.
  2. Category:Fanworks should be in Category:Media DONE.
  3. Category:Appearances : Candidate for removal as it seems quite useless? DONE. Moved to Category:Browse.
  4. Pirateaba is in Category:Content at its root. Ideally the category should not contain any page. Should we put Pirateaba's page in Category:Media instead? DONE.
  5. Category:Chapters should be in Category:Timeline like books and volumes. DONE Moved to Category:Timeline due to unanimous agreement.
  6. Category:Chapters actually contains stuff like Category:Volumes and Category:Books which seems redundant if we put the category in Category:Timeline DONE.
  7. Category:Deceased is a bit counter-intuitive to me. I understand the need to categorize dead characters but it's a big spoiler for some of them and while we hide the character status in their infoboxes, if the reader looks at their categories, they'll find out that way. To me this category should be removed (along with its subcategory Category:Souls Consumed and we should look into using DPL to create those lists from the information in character infoboxes. So until we research on how to use DPL to query wiki data, we can keep those at least :)DONE by a workaround (not displaying the Category in the page, but it's there)
  8. Category:Earthers Technology shouldn't be in Category:Earthers (it's already in Category:Equipment anyways.) DONE.
  9. Category:Geneva should be in Category:Earthers (it's in Category:Characters right now) DONE.
  10. Category:Nobles is a little messy at the moment, with families, houses and classes mixed up. Here's what I suggest. (see below)</sW DONE. (considered done, at least.
  11. Category:Bloodfeast Raiders and Category:Circle of Thorns shouldn't be listed under Category:Nobles I believe, as they might be made of nobles for the most part but aren't noble per se. Plus they already are in their own other categories. DONE.
  12. Category:Crime and Category:Bandits might be overlapping a bit. They have many subcategories in common but I understand it's a complicated question. DONE.
  13. Category:Crime is in Category:Terminology whereas I think it hsould be better in Category:Groups/Organisations. DONE. (left in Terminology but added to Groups)
  14. Category:Empresses is missing from Category:Rulers DONE.
  15. Category:Heartflame Set should be in Category:Armors instead of Category:Artifacts. DONE.
  16. Category:Adventurer Groups might be redundant in Category:Groups/Organisations as it's already in Category:Adventurers. Maybe remove it from Groups/Organizations? DONE. (no changes)
  17. Adventurer groups being all part of the Category:Groups/Organisations makes it hard to browse. You can't easily see which categories ahve subcategories. I'd vote to remove Adventurer groups from the Groups/Organization category as it's already in Category:Adventurer Groups. Note : this might be counter-intuitive with Category:Characters that has all characters listed no matter their groups, pages are differenciated from groups anyway... DONE. (no changes)
  18. Category:Four Great Companies misses one company :D DONE. (renamed to Great Companies)
  19. Category:Bow-Queens of the Free Antinium and Category:Bow-Singer Queens of the Free Antinium give me a headache. DONE. (removed)
  20. Category:House Shoel should be in Category:Groups/Organisations as well perhaps? DONE. (Renamed to Shoel (House))
  21. Category:House Marquin should be in Category:Nobles, right? Unless nobles only refer to non-royalty?
  22. Category:Wall Lords and Ladies should be in Category:Nobles too perhaps? DONE.
  23. Category:Liscor is in Category:City-states, is that a fact? I don't remember it's a city-state. DONE. (no changes)
  24. Category:Hives seem to only have the Free Hive page listed. Unless we don't know the other hives' names if they have any? DONE. (no changes)
  25. Category:Unseen Empire is a subcategory of Category:Riverfarm, which creates a circular dependency. Unseen Empire shouldn't be dependant on Riverfarm. DONE.
  26. Category:Ant Queens should be removed in favor of Category:Antinium Queens DONE.
  27. Are Category:Clown Edition, Category:Doctor Edition, Category:King Edition really needed? Their names don't feel like they are what they represent (lettered chapters) and I feel like if someone wants to see chapters about Flos they'll look up the character and see chapters he's in, possibly. Besides, letters don't really mean a lot anymore nowadays. DONE.
  28. Should Category:Vehicles be considered to be in Category:Equipment like Category:Mounts instead of being at the root? DONE. (added to Mounts)
  29. NEW: Unique Categories that are Classes with a Prefix and/or Suffix like those mentioned in 19 should not exist. It floods the category pages with useless data. Some characters would create a high numbers of categories by themselves.

    Bird would be part of:
    DONE. Categories in question have been removed.
    • Category:Bow-Singer Queen of the Free Antinium
    • Category:Bow-Queen of the Free Antinium
    • Category:Bow-Warden of the Songbird
    • Category:Queen of Freedom, Category:Antinium Queen
    • Category:Bird Hunter
    • Category:Amazing Liar. That's a total of 7.
    • Category:Antinium Queens should stay since it's also a Subspecies + Title Category, but that's another question. For the Class Category, Bird, in my suggestion would only be part of Category:Hunter, Category:Tactician, Category:Singer, Category:Revelantor, Category:Liar Category:Warden, and Category:Queen. Other example of Class Category: Pisces should only be part of Category:Necromancer, Category:Mage, Category:Slave, and Category:Duelist.
  30. We have some categories which have pages by the same name. My suggestion is to rename the page to the category with the same name. With a bit of luck it'll put the content in the category and redirect the page to its category. See House Walchais and Category:House Walchais for example, or Circle of Thorns and Category:Circle of Thorns.

Nobles refactoring :

* Barons
* Duchesses
* Dukes
* (...more classes...)
* Families and Houses <-- Already exists in Groups/Organizations too as Families. Do we really want to differenciate Houses and Families?
  * Artien Family
  * Blackwing Family
  * Byres Family
  * Five Families
  * Gemscale Family
  * Shoel (House) <-- To make it appear under S instead of H
  * Walchais Family <-- Currently House Walchais. Should be renamed perhaps?)
  * etc.

Let's talk now! :D

Tell me what you think, if you approve of the different points or have answers/decisions to some of these questions

Here's the category tree for easier review :

Browse(9 C)
Candidates for deletion(240 C, 4 P, 45 F)
Citation Needed(9 P)
Content(16 C, 1 P)
Disambiguations(23 P)
Media(3 C, 5 P, 25 F)
Templates(5 C, 47 P)