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This Wiki uses the SocialProfile extension, which implements system gifts, or awards.

What are awards and what do they do?

They don't do anything, they're just here for fluff.

Erin will bonk you if you feel superior, etc. etc.

How to earn awards?

Here is (currently) the only way to earn awards:

  • Making edits on various pages throughout the wiki.

We (the staff) may implement more awards later on, depending on whether we want to make use of quizzes or polls or other SocialProfile extensions that we currently do not have.

List of awards

Class Edits Needed
Test Edit Please Ignore 1
The Answer 42
Nice! 69
Reached the 3 digits 100
Zelkyr greets you. 200
You deserve a π for your work! 314
Half a Thousand 500
One Hell of an Editor 666
So close! 999
More π for you! 3,141
Creler Wars! 6,000
Dragon Wars! 10,000
"Last π reward" 31,415
Please seek help... 100,000
Redigit Strikes Back 314,159
Cheater! 1,000,000

Please contact @InsertNameHere on the Wandering Inn Discord for any issues or feedback regarding awards.

Additionally, if you get the last award, please also contact @InsertNameHere on the Wandering Inn Discord, tysm.