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This is a list of Classes in the Universe of The Wandering Inn.

Overview[edit | edit source]

A diagram of all classes listed below can be found here, brought into some (arbitrary) order. Classes introduced after Chapter 7.04 are not included in that graphic yet.

List of Classes - Tables[edit | edit source]

These pages contain tables meant to list all known classes. Besides the name of a class (first column), it includes a link to characters known to have (had) this class (second column) and lists links to chapters where that class has been mentioned with other characters (last column).

The third column, "class type" makes an attempt to categorize classes into combat classes, performer classes etc.

The fourth column deals with prerequisites of a class, for example when a class has been mentioned to be high level or race-specific. Some classes have been shown to be a form of specialization of a lower-level class, which is noted there. The remark 'basic entry' means that people may gain their first level in the class just by fulfilling their role in that occupation - like living in an inn and sweeping it.

Keep in mind that the class system has always been shown to be flexible and that this table only sums up some observations been made.

Hypothetical classes are marked in blue. This is the case when it is not clear if any character has the class, when even characters in Innworld are only speculating or even joking about such a class, or when they don't appear in canon sources.

Some classes are used to describe a variety of other classes, as has been the case with [Manager] and [Crafter] classes. In this list they are marked in grey as "umbrella classes".

Some classes are unusual specialized versions of more common classes, most often with a descriptive addition, like [Brine Cook] which is essentially a [Cook]. They are what an RPG game would call a "Prestige class" and they are marked in purple.

Some of these descriptive attributes share a common theme, like "Royal" or "Magical" classes. They are not listed individually, just the common elements which are marked in orange and are classified as "class attribute".

Some classes have commas included, seemingly being two classes combined into one with the punctuation used to separate them. These "Comma classes" are marked in teal.

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List of Colored and Newly Created Classes[edit | edit source]

Name Information Reference Chapter(s)
[Bow-Singer Queen of the Free Antinium] Created by Bird. Derived from [Bow-Warden of the Songbird], consolidating [Queen of Freedom]. 9.57 B
[Cameraman] Created by Davi. 7.21 KQ
[Coach] Created by Joseph Ortega. The Grand Design had trouble understanding the concept before creating this class, nearly assigning [Coach Driver]-derived classes instead. 8.15
[Djinn’s Legacy Seeker] Technically created by Ireil. Derived from [Seeker]. The Grand Design forced a level up and used a distant ancestor as a loophole to make this happen, in response to Kasigna trying to cause his death. 9.61 G
[Fallen Smith] 8.65
[Famed Coach] Created by Joseph Ortega. Derived from [Coach]. 8.15
[Fist of the Living World] Created by Orjin after he completed the <Mythical Quest> and unlocked the [Way of the Elements] Skills and class paths. Derived from [Superior Martial Artist]. 9.59 O
[Football Player] Created by Joseph Ortega. Derived from [Kicker]. 8.15
[Football Striker] Created by Ekirra Silverfang. Derived from [Kicker]. 9.61 G
[Gamer] Created with the influence of Erin Solstice. It is unknown who first obtained it. 9.68
[Goth] Created by Beclaire. 8.35
[Gymnast] Created in an alternate timeline by Persua. Does not currently exist. 9.09 P
[Gymnastic Runner] Consolidation of [Gymnast] and [Nimble Runner], created in an alternate timeline by Persua. Does not currently exist. 9.09 P
[Midnight Goth] Created by Gothica. Derived from [Goth]. 8.Of Vampires and Fraerlings
[Peerless Marathon Sculler] Created by Luan Khumalo. Derived from [Expert Rower] with the consolidation of [Athlete]. 8.77 B
[Popstar] Created by Cara O'Sullivan. Likely derived from [Singer]. 10.12 H (Pt. 2) (Confirmed)
[Rapist] Also appeared as invisible to Tenir. 7.21 KQ, 8.Pisces
[Sariantfriend] Created by the Grand Design for Nanette Weishart, as she previously removed classes she gained once she was aware it censured information in her mind. 9.61 G
[Slave] 8.Pisces
[The Wandering Innkeeper] Created by Erin Solstice. Advanced from [Magical Innkeeper] 9.70 (Pt. 3)
[Treacherous Gunslinger] 8.77 B
[World-Renowned Coach] Created by Joseph Ortega. Derived from [Famed Coach]. 8.15
[Wingman] Created by Menolit. The Grand Design used Earth terminology for the concept. 9.Levels

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