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Kraken’s Horn



First Appearance

The Depthless Doctor

Tugrim is a Drowned Man merged with a Blackwater Jellyfish, and the [Captain] of the Kraken’s Horn.

Characteristics[edit | edit source]

Human (Formerly)[edit | edit source]

He had once been a huge Human with a beard like a fireball.[1]

Drowned Man[edit | edit source]

Tugrim is a big, swarthy Drowned Man, as befit a man of his rank. His left arm and part of his chest are translucent and elastic, and has tendril-like arms. While some might have seen his tendril-like arms as a weakness, the poison contained in his body made up for any defects in appearance, as he could paralyze a whale with a touch and his body could heal from wounds that would cripple normal flesh.[1]

He doesn't hesitate to hide his ire, but is level-headed enough to maintain the sanctity of the silence in a submerged Drowned Ship. He is protective of his crew. Though he is experienced, he pales in the face of aiding a birthing woman.

History[edit | edit source]

Tugrim had sailed the Kraken's Horn for over a decade, serving with his [First Mate] Rendala for over half of that time.

The Depthless Doctor[edit | edit source]

The crew or the crew, Rendala. What's worth more, a life we might not save or an empty hold?

Tugrim argues with his [First Mate] along the deck of a submerged Kraken’s Horn. They bicker in hushed tones over how to handle a pregnant crewmate who is on the verge of giving birth. Tugrim shortly comes to the conclusion that they need to surface to find a [Healer] for their crewmate. Before they can enact Tugrim's orders, the crew are surprised to find a light approaching the Kraken's Horn. A Human named Captain Ad breaches their bubble with his submarine.

Ad claims to be a [Doctor] and [Obstetrician] with a skill that allows him to sense pregnant women in need. He offers his aid and delivers the Drowned baby. Tugrim is pale-faced and shaken, unable to steel his heart in the face of a birthing. Shortly after, a Leviathan bears down upon the ship, to the horror of the crew. They rush to surface, meanwhile Ad boards his submarine, which gets swallowed by the Leviathan. He kills it from the inside with explosions. Tugrim and the rest of the crew regard Ad with shock and awe, wondering if he is a high-leveled [Captain].

Classes/Levels:[edit | edit source]

  • [Captain] Lv. ?

Quotes[edit | edit source]

  • (To Rendala) “Aye, but it’s the crew I’m thinking of. The crew or the crew, Rendala. What’s worth more, a life we might not save or an empty hold?”
  • (To Ad) “The Peace of the Drowned upon you. I am [Captain] Tugrim of the Kraken’s Horn. What business have you in these waters? No—what foolishness led you to shine a light this far down?”
  • (To Ad) “Either you’ve a deathwish or your strange ship can destroy titans, stranger. Which is it? And why did you seek me out?”

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