Chapter 4.39 G

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Chapter 4.39 G
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May 26, 2018
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Chapter 4.39 G is the 49th chapter of Volume 4 and the 12th chapter of Book 6, The General of Izril.

tl;dr[edit | edit source]

Garen burns down the empty Valerund mansion. Bethal attacks Rags' tribe. Greybeard reveals himself to be Greydath and leaves. Bethal attacks again the next day, but looses two knights to Rags.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Garen discovers the failed attack on the Valerund mansion and angrily tells Tremborag that no more Goblin lives should be sent to raid humans now that they're uniting against them. Both of them feel the Goblin Lord approaching and Tremborag tells Garen that there are other powerful tribes other than theirs that he would recruit; two being led by a witch and a brute but neither would join the Goblin Lord. Tremborag orders Garen to destroy the Valerund mansion and capture the [Lady] if she's still there. Garen does so but finds it deserted and burns the mansion before raiding another town further north instead.

Poisonbite, Noears, Redscar and the Rockfall Chieftain discuss Rags' intentions for the Flooded Waters Tribe away from their Chieftain and Pyrite: whether Rags should lead them to fight the Goblin Lord or not. They eventually agree that Rags needs an advisor or mate, they consider Pyrite but are sceptical of his relationship with Greybeard. Pyrite joins in on the conversation, quickly summarizing the arguments of the conversation and says that none of it matters as Rags will grow. Greybeard also appears and asks if the young Goblins can feel what's coming: Humans.

Bethal and Thomast looks down on the Flooded Waters Tribe from a hill as her Knights of the Petal attack the Flooded Waters Tribe. Bethal has a one-sided argument with her silent husband over the necessity of killing the Goblins.

The Flooded Waters Tribe were losing against the thirty Rose Knights with the extremely long wooden pikes being useless against their enchanted armor. Rags orders the Mages and Hobs forwards but Pyrite knows it's a bad call, the Knights are too high level and have too heavily enchanted weapons and armor - he engages one of the Knights and uses [Power Strike] but his axe shatters on their armor. Rags calls for a withdrawal.

Rags has the crossbows shoot at Bethal, but she stops the bolts with her skill. The Knights press forwards and Thomast engages the Hobs that charge at Bethal. Pyrite looks around for a path to retreat but the lake is behind blocking them off. Instead Pyrite runs into the Lake chased by a Knight but he turns and manages to hold them down below the water. Rags orders the rest of the Goblins back into the water but the Knights charge on Rags and Pyrite is struck by two arrows.

Bethal points out a single Hobgoblin that hadn't retreated to the water and was pushing back the Rose Knights by himself: Greybeard.

The Flooded Waters Tribe stop retreating once they see the sight of Greybeard fighting and the tide begins to turn as Rags orders everyone to charge. Thomast moves to engage Greybeard relieving the Rose Knights fighting him. The pair duel but Greybeard cuts the duelist with a single blow and Bethal panics and calls for all of her Knights to retreat and shield Thomast as she vows to return to crush them the next day.

With the battle over, Rags asks Greybeard who he is as they find Pyrite alive, saved by his fat. Greybeard praises Pyrite for his tactic and encourages him to train harder. Greybeard reveals his identity as Greydath of Blades, a former Goblin Lord who served under Velan the Kind. Rags however can't feel any pull from Greydath that tells her that he was a leader of Goblins.

Greydath tells Rags that she isn't worthy: she's too young, small and weak and not overwhelming enough. Not able to stand above all other Goblins. Greydath tells Rags that Tremborag and Garen aren't worthy either and he wonders if the Goblin Lord is worthy. Greydath pressures Rags until Pyrite stops him and he leaves to see the Goblin Lord but only after he tells her that he cannot be King.

The other Goblins are in shock at Greydath's reveal and they consider following him but Pyrite says that Rags is not unoworthy to be their Chieftain. Another Hob points out that Pyrite was a student of Greydath and asks if he could be Chieftain. Pyrite punches the Hob. Redscar asks what Pyrite was taught but Pyrite says he wasn't taught much before he left the Mountain City Tribe and made his own tribe. Pyrite asks Rags what to do with the humans coming back. Rags thinks they should run but then decides otherwise and has everyone begin cutting down the trees around them.

Bethal and Thomast return the next day with forty Rose Knights to the same hill. They see the fortress that Rags has built out of the trees. One of the Knights casts a [Grand Fireball] creating a huge hole in the fortress. The knights charge.

Rags reveals her trap once the Rose Knights charge in: the Goblins being to topple the trees they had prepared earlier, pinning the Knights with their weight. The Goblins also manage to topple a tree aimed at Bethal but ten of the Knights manage to catch the tree before it lands. The Knights retreat ready for Bethal's next move.

Bethal's mood changes after realising two of her Knights have been taken down and she no longer cares to hunt Goblins. She orders a full retreat and takes her Knights home. She contacts Magnolia asking for a carriage but Magnolia stops listening before Bethal can tell her about Greydath. Thomast tells Bethal about an old story from the second Antinium War about a Goblin Lord called Greydath of Blades that could match any [Blademaster], [Sword Dancer] or [Duelist]. Thomast carries Bethal away with her Knights to Rags' bewilderment.

Lyonette and Erin are chatting in the inn, Lyonette explains to Erin that Walchaís is one of the larger houses below the Five Families. Bethal, the current scion, married a famous [Duelist] before establishing her own branch of [Knights] and taking control of the family. Lyonette tells Erin about Bethal's flight of fancy like the tme she established her own horse breeding industry but got bored and set them free resulting in her lands having a large population of war stallions.

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