Flamecoat Dagger

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The Flamecoat Dagger is one of Warmage Thresk's former possessions.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

It is a curved and sharp dagger with a reddish tip.

Enchantments[edit | edit source]

The blade is common steel but is warded against physical harm and heat. When the word Terith is spoken, the tip will ignite and glow red, but not a bright hot-red; instead, it is a color that looks more illusory, like a red overlay over the plain steel blade. However, the heat will be contained. Anything the tip touches will burst into flame. The flame enchantment is not for heat per se, but to spread fire. The contact radius of the flame is around the volume of a tree, or an Ogre.

With it, it would be possible to immolate several targets at once, but the flames will be non-magical. Alternatively, it is possible to set fire to something like the surface of a lake, although the magical aspect of the flame will last for seconds, it will quickly extinguish if the material is not readily combustible. To turn it off one has to say Termas and the color on the blade will return to normal.[1]

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