Chapter 3.20 T

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Chapter 3.20 T
The Florist by LightsResonance.png
The Florist by LiRe
October 3, 2017
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Chapter 3.20 T is the 23rd chapter of Volume 3.

tl;dr[edit | edit source]

The Battle of Esthelm takes place. The Florist dies and only six of the Redfang Elite Warriors survive. Toren sets out to Liscor.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

After the Redfang Warriors evacuated Grunter from the combat against Ylawes Byres, the [Florist] monster helps them, making a splint for his arm. Next, she removes tick-parasites that are infesting Headscratcher's bald head, then removes a similar infestation in Bugears' ear. As they communicate, the [Florist] eventually takes in the kindness that the Goblins have shown her, and her first [Condition] is removed.

Ylawes Byres has organized the Esthelmers, set out to kill Goblin parties all night, and now waits for the big Goblin attack on the palisades that form his killing ground. Then it starts.

Toren has also prepared for the big battle. When the Goblin attack starts, his zombies suprise one of the Goblin flanks.

The Redfang Warriors also observe the siege, and the [Florist] monster/girl wishes for them to interfere in the battle on the Humans' side. When she jumps into the melee herself, Headscratcher follows her and the rest of the group follows. She gets shot by a Human arrow, but the Redfangs rescue her from being eaten by Zombies.

She crumbles in their arms, and the Redfangs go berserk: Grunter charges the Goblin Lord's field commander and kills him in a suicidal rush, only to be then torn apart by his remaining army. Badarrow kills the two remaining [Shamans] from afar, dispelling the Goblin's necromantic control of the Undead on the field. The rest of the Redfangs break through and overwhelm Toren with heavy losses: Both the Undead on the field, and all the Goblins are now leaderless. A handful Redfang survivors escape the battlefield.

That is the moment when Ylawes' companions and a large group of other adventurers arrive, and break the siege of Esthelm.

The Florist is still (barely) alive, and the angry Toren finds and stabs her as his plans for the day have been ruined. The Redfang Goblins come to her rescue again, but this time just to see her final moments. Ylawes seeks them out and acknowledges their contribution to Esthelm's victory, and lets them go - six of them have survived the battle.

Toren also leaves Esthelm, with 13 zombies and a ghoul, and he restarts his journey towards Liscor.

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Nameless Florist[edit | edit source]

  • Condition Removed = [Terrible Hunger]