Chapter 3.37

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Chapter 3.37
December 12, 2017
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Chapter 3.37 is the 47th chapter of Volume 3 and the 19th chapter of Book 4, Winter Solstice.

tl;dr[edit | edit source]

Ryoka and Laken meet again. Laken makes a show out of visiting the Merchant's Guild. Ryoka converses with the Horns about the loot.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Ryoka agrees to return to Hedault the next day if she can get into contact with the Horns of Hammerad, but before leaving she enquires about if Hedault had any other artifacts for sale, which he does, but only a small selection and not what everything that is on display.

Ryoka leaves for her meeting with Laken and dismisses Reynold, but he still follows her. He tells her openly that Magnolia has ordered him to escort her. He reveals that he is aware of ehr meeting with Laken and that there are others in Magnolia's employ hired to keep an eye on Ryoka.

Laken, Durene and Gamel finish their lunch when Ryoka arrives. Laken has Durene make way for Ryoka and Reynold introduces himself to Durene and Gamel's audible gasps. Ryoka speaks German to warn Laken not to reveal too much information.

Laken tells Ryoka about the avalanche at Riverfarm and his plan to buy supplies. Laken asks Reynold some questions, including that of who is in charge of the city and the size of the various guilds in Invrisil. Ryoka tells Laken to go to the Merchant's guild over the Runner's guild to organise supplies.

Ryoka walks with Laken to Durene's jealousy and discovers that the two are an item. Ryoka informs Laken about the existence of the other Earthers and Erin. Laken confers with Durene privately when they arrive at the guild, Durene tells him that Reynold bowed when greeting him so Laken decides to tell Gamel to keep his class a secret. Laken then explains his plan to his two subjects.

Ivolethe meanwhile mocks Ryoka for her horrible German pronounciation before asking Reynold why he bowed. Reynold explains that he naturally bowed due to feeling like he was in front of Magnolia or Tyrion Veltras except stronger.

Durene dramatically opens the double doors to the Merchant's guild as Laken walks in, one of the higher ranked merchants, Merec, ushers Laken in to discuss his needs. Laken explains that he is magnanimously helping out Riverfarm by buying supplies for them along with the appropriate escort of adventurers. Durene reveals the heavy bag of gold and gems to Merec and he quickly complies with Laken's request after verifying that Laken did not steal the money via truth spell.

After seeing Laken's performance Ryoka sees Reynold taking notes, she then encourages him to join the conversation and make his presence known by pushing him. Reynold is quickly able to imply Laken's importance and hurry the dealings to their conclusion.

Laken finally demands to have two specific adventuring teams hired, the Celestial Trackers and the Windfrozen Riders, as both teams were the only ones that did not laugh when Gamel attempted to approach them for aid. Laken hires them to not only escort the wagons, but also to guard the village for a month.

Ryoka uses the opportunity to escape Reynold's watch and heads to the Runner's guild. There she's informed that Valceif was killed two weeks ago by Bandits and a simple [Sleep] spell. In her grief Ryoka reveals to the receptionist that she killed him by breaking his dreamcatcher amulet, but the receptionist, a former city runner, comforts her .

Ryoka leaves for the Mage's guild and receives all of her messages, the first from Krshia telling her that she needs to return soon, the next from Ceria and Pisces asking for an update, the third from Lyonette telling her that Mrsha misses her and finally a really long one from Erin.

Ryoka begins to send replies back starting with Ceria, detailing the details from her visit to Hedault, all the while she remembers Valceif's face.

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