Chapter 3.36

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Chapter 3.36
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December 9, 2017
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Chapter 3.36 is the 46th chapter of Volume 3 and the 18th chapter of Book 4, Winter Solstice.

tl;dr[edit | edit source]

Ryoka meets with Laken and later with [Enchanter] Hedault, who appraises the Horns' loot.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

It's day 49 since Laken arrived in this world. Durene and Laken walk to one of the squares with adventurers to meet up with Gamel, but they're early. Durene whispers to Laken that the foreigner girl is stil following them. Laken and Durene find somewhere to sit to see what the girl will do.

Ryoka berates herself for being seen so easily by Durene, but she also realises that Durene has yet to notice that another man had been following her and Laken. As Ryoka sees Laken taking a seat she sees the man bump into Durene and walk away.

Laken quickly realises that the man has stolen Durene's money pouch with all the money that Laken found. Durene chases after the thief and Laken takes out his walking stick to find the bench to sit.

Ryoka approaches Laken and speaks some badly pronounced German to ask where he's from. He tells her that he's from San Francisco and Ryoka's reaction tells Laken that he isn't alone in this world. Ryoka tries to speak quickly before Durene returns, she tells Laken that he can repair his phone with magic but quickly warns him not to answer any calls if they happen. Ryoka asks if they can meet up in an hour after she's done and Laken agrees.

A Gnoll Guardswoman asks if he is with Durene, she confirms that the money is theirs through a Truth Gem and leaves them. Before Durene can describe how she handled the fight Laken tells her about his talk with Ryoka. Afterwards Laken has Durene buy them food as they wait for Gamel and think about what to do.

Ryoka curses as she walks down the street, she wasn't sure if talking to Laken had been a good idea or not but as she waits for Ryoka she sees a young man pleading with adventurers to help his village. Reynold arrives and escorts her to the Enchanter, Hedault. After quick introductions Hedault quickly begins to describe the properties of the Horns' loot while asking Ryoka to remain silent.

One of the swords is useless, the dagger has a flame enchantment, another sword has a fairly common weight enchantement and there is a damaged shield that requires repair but will emit a force shield when it is. He reveals the contents of the bag of storage: some potions, some pebbles enchanted to emit light and a ball. The ball will scream and actively try to attract the attention of it's target.

Lastly Hedault shows Ryoka the undamaged bag of holding that survived the fire containing three rings and a wand. The bag is firstly of excellent quality as it has no magical leakage meaning there will be no magical interference with it's use. Ryoka shows off her even more superior bag of holding that she got from Teriarch to Hedault's surprise.

Next Hedault shows Ryoka the shatterbolt ring, the ring of barkskin and the ring of jumping, except it's more like a ring that manipulates a user's weight and allows a heavy plated warrior to crush someone by landing on them.

Finally before Hedault explains the wand he offers to buy the wand and her silence for 18,000 gold. Ryoka, naturally curious, refuses and he explains that he has no idea what the core of the wand is made of but knows that it will considerably amplify any mages spells. Ryoka mentions that Pisces and Ceria would tear each other apart for the wand and hedault concurs, that any mage would do the same.

Before she leaves Hedault tells he the price for repairing the shield and reinforcing the handle of the weight sword at at 4,500 gold and 1,600 respectably.

Laken waits with Durene and Gamel, wondering why Ryoka is late to return. One of the receptionists at the Mage's guild takes another message down for Ryoka, this time from Erin, to add to his list of other messages. And lastly a receptionist from the runner's guild also has a message that the runner isn't going to like. The winter is now more than half over.

Characters[edit | edit source]

Locations[edit | edit source]

Groups/Organisations Introduced and Mentioned[edit | edit source]

  • The Storm Raiders
  • The Ironshield Vanguard

Items[edit | edit source]

  • A Gem - Enchanted with [Detect Truth].
  • Forceshield Buckler
  • A Sword with a Burnt Hilt - Enchanted to Amplifies the Weight of the Blade.
  • The Blade of a Sword, with the metal deformed in two places - The Enchanted is Defunct.
  • Flamespread Dagger
  • An Adventurer’s pack.
  • Bag of Holding - Enchanted to not let Magical Leakage, Able to Fit 20 Pounds of Weight Inside and Warded against Magical Damage.
  • 1 Healing Potion.
  • 1 Potion to Provide Sustenance.
  • 2 Potions which Prevent the user from needing to Breathe.
  • Bag of Pebbles - Enchanted to Shed [Light] for 24 hours, before fading until exposed to Sunlight for an equal amount of time.
  • Leather Ball with an Angry Face Stitched onto the leather in Red Thread - Enchanted to Scream.
  • Platinum Ring - Enchanted with a Tier 4 spell to send a piercing spell flying at the target.
  • [Barkskin] Ring
  • Ring of Jumping
  • An Iron Wood Wand with a Core - Will Boost any Mage’s Ability to Cast Spells Immensely and it doesn’t run dry
  • Ryoka's Bag of Holding