Chapter 5.20 G

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Chapter 5.20 G
September 11, 2018
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Chapter 5.20 G is the 22nd chapter of Volume 5 and the 22nd and final chapter of Book 7, The Rains of Liscor.

tl;dr[edit | edit source]

Rags defeats a small Human army. Welca escapes while Kerrig chooses to stay with the Goblins. Rags decides to head south, to Liscor, and to Erin.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Welca and Kerrig talk. Welca wants to escape, Kerrig urges her to stay and speak with the Goblins. He wonders that goblins aren’t monsters, but people.

Rags and her officers consider what to do with the Goblins. Rags comes to decision to volunteer them for spearhead attacks to redeem themselves. Instead of talking with Kerrig as he requested, she puts Pyrite to the task and tries to learn Noears’ magic instead.

Pyrite talks with Kerrig and Welca, about what Goblins desire, the Flooded Waters tribe’s misdeeds and their justifications, and how humans are very similar. Kerrig feels guilt about his eradicating Goblins in the past, the children in particular. Pyrite has questions about magic; he wants to make sense of it. He compares Goblin shamanic magic to theirs. The divide between humans and goblins rears its head repeatedly. Pyrite reveals he can harness magic in gemstones by chewing them. He gives a ruby to Rags. Kerrig asks Rags to talk with her and gets rebuffed.

Loot from the two captured Knights of the Petal gets divvied up among the Goblins.

The tribe leaves the swampland and a Goblin scout reports a Human army of 800 attacking the Frostfeeder Tribe. Kerrig tries to convince Rags not to attack, but fails. Rags’ tribe easily defeats the Human army. Kerrig urges Welca to take a horse to flee and warn Lady Bethal. Meanwhile, Kerrig chooses to stay, in the off-chance that he can reason with Rags or Pyrite and work to make peace between Humans and Goblins. He duels multiple Redfang warriors one-on-one, impressing Redscar. He witnesses the Flooded Waters Tribe's lifting their swords in silent celebration of their recent triumph in battle, with his eyes stinging at an unknown emotion at the display.

As the tribe makes camp for the night, Rags and Pyrite find a crossroad of signs. Rags chooses to turn her tribe towards the south, to Liscor. When she goes to bed she thinks of Erin, and what she would say to her old Human friend.

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Rags[edit | edit source]

  • Classes/Levels = [Chieftain] Lv. 20 (+1)
  • Skills = [Tribe: Scavenger Armor]