Chapter 5.22 G

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Chapter 5.22 G
September 18, 2018
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Chapter 5.22 G is the 24th chapter of Volume 5 and the 2nd chapter of Book 8, Blood of Liscor.

tl;dr[edit | edit source]

Rags encounters and surrounds Bethal Walchaís and Thomast with her tribe. Before they take the Humans prisoner, Laken orders a poisonous cloud attack, carried out by his [General] Wiskeria and Blacksky Riders.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

The chapter starts with Laken stating that he suspects she lied to him and tells Nesor to wait.

On the Goblins' side, Poisonbite decides to talk with Rags about how [Scavenger Armor] led to many of the tribe's Goblins being possessed by some creative genius, leading to new armor being created. The talk they're having leads to Rags stating that she's experiencing nightmares and to Poisonbite asking Rags if she was sexually/romantically interested in their capture human, Sir Kerrig, which Rags denies to the relief of Poisonbite. Rags also tells Poisonbite, that they can be better than the humans who hunt and kill them.

Their meeting is interrupted by a Goblin scout coming back from their assignment, who spotted four humans riding north, which includes Lady Bethal Walchaís, Thomast and two knights (Sir Nil Moxae and Dame Truvia Cartiil). Rags decides to refrain from attacking them proactively for now, while the group is on the road.

The battles ensues when the group of four is riding through a forest, with Rags' group encircling the humans on their Carn Wolves, dozens of Goblins carrying long pikes and crossbows.

In a short interruption of the battle, Laken is seen telling Nesor to "do it now".

During the battle, Rags and Bethal talk to each other, with Rags telling her to have her group put down their weapons and surrender; they want to take them hostage, just like Sir Kerrig and Lady Welca. Bethal denies. Bethal asks for proof that Welca and Kerrig are alive and offers to pay for save passage. Rags answers that Bethal will have to trust her word and that Welca had fled, while Kerrig remains with the Goblins and declines the gold offer.

The conversation breaks off when the Goblins hear a distressing horn blow. Rags orders her tribe, including Pyrite on his request, to ride back quickly, with only 15 hobs and half of the crossbows staying.

Rags' group is then attacked by an outside force, which turns out to be riders from Laken's Unseen Empire, throwing them into disarray with smoke and darkness, cutting down fleeing Goblins.

Pyrite turns back, identifying large cauldrons filled with poison as the culprit of the smoke, but unable to identify where the Redfangs warriors and Rags are located. Wiskeria gives the order to fall back after a while.

Rags, having sustained a bad wound to her stomach, is finally found by Pyrite and Redscar, who have Goblins administer healing. Redscar advises that the humans will come back a second time.

In Riverfarm, Laken thinks of the battle as a partial success and is introduced to the [Lords] and [Ladies] of Izril. Laken, stating that he swore to protect the lands and roads of Riverfarm, informs the present nobles that a portion of the Goblin Lord's army is camped about forty miles away, numbering around 8000; Laken's levied forces of about 600 combatants killed at least 1000 during their strike.

Laken argues that the only safe place at the moment might be Riverfarm, but that he will attempt to escort any noble that intends to leave. Furthermore, Laken intends to coordinate with the Human cities nearest to the Goblin Lord's army.

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