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The Isolationists are one of the factions at Wistram Academy.

Background and Policies[edit | edit source]

The Isolationists would prefer that the Academy stopped accepting new mages into Wistram altogether, and that aspiring mages find their way to Wistram completely on their own.[1] This would close the doors of Wistram to all but the most determined of mages.[2]

Isolationists prioritize the study of magic and disdain involving the Academy with politics. They are a small faction and often clash with the more mainline political groups.[2] For example, the Isolationists and the Centrist have a longstanding rivalry with each other.[3] But the Isolationists also clash with the views of the Revivalist[2], or the Libertarian.

Several of their most powerful members including Illphres challenged the Golems recently and were wiped out, weakening the group’s influence in the academy.

Members[edit | edit source]

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