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Scorchling and Frostling, also known as half-Drake, is a term referring to Drakes who are said to be born as half-Drake and half ash. In truth, they’re just Drakes with a curse.[1]

Background[edit | edit source]

Scorchling and Frostling are a kind of Oldblood Drakes, only the way their heritage manifests isn’t in wings or dragonbreath or something else entirely. They’re born harmed by their own dragonbreath, and lack the resistance they're supposed to possessed. Most die with their mothers, but the few who survive live with their affliction.

The most common medical condition is scale rot, which makes their scales flake off by burning or frostbite, and causes them pain. They are also shunned by other Drakes, who believe that they are cursed.[1] They need medication for their medical conditions, such as a warming tonic for a Frostling.[2]

Scorchlings of other elements like lightning and acid exist as well. Lightning Scorchlings suffer from heart-attacks or fits. Acid Scorchlings melt their own stomachs, only suffering ulcers in the best case, or dissolving in the womb and killing the mother as well in the worst case.[2]

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