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To the TWI Wiki Community

Ever since the wiki has forked away from Fandom, Axel and I have been wanting to connect the TWI Wiki under the Independent Wiki Federation banner. To get this process started, we need to hear the community's thoughts.

What is the IWF?

The Independent Wiki Federation (IWF) is a community of independently-hosted wikis focused on fostering interaction, development, and support. It’s like a support network who share ideas and support for a common goal: making wikis that are independently run and hosted.

Here is a list of the wikis currently in the IWF network and a breakdown of frequently asked questions from IWF. They have also been instrumental in the guidance and improvement of our wiki's technical aspects in the past.

What Happens If We Join?

  • The TWI Wiki home page will have IWF-affiliated wiki links at the bottom of the page. Here is one example of how this can look.
  • Consequently, the TWI wiki will also be back-linked on the home pages of other IWF-affiliated wikis.
  • TWI wiki members will have access to IWF technical wiki support, for those interested in the technical upkeep of the wiki.
  • TWI wiki members who are interested in participating with IWF can join the IWF Discord server to discuss wiki-related topics unrelated to TWI.

For the majority of the TWI Wiki, nothing will change except for the affiliate additions on the home page. Our wiki infrastructure and policies would remain independently-run by our community.

What's Next?

We need a read on the community's thoughts. Please vote and/or comment below! If you want to leave an anonymous comment, make sure you are logged out of your TWI Wiki account. All thoughts are welcome, whether it be critical, positive, or simply questioning for more details.

Community IWF Poll

Voting in the poll requires a TWI Wiki account. Voting is not anonymous. The poll will close and results documented at 11:59 PM 06/17/2024, EASTERN time.

  • In 2 weeks time (by 06/17/2024), if the poll consensus is positive, we will move forward and reach out to Pirateaba for their thoughts. This is to maintain good faith between our wiki and the author of TWI.
  • In 2 weeks time, If the poll results are a resounding negative, we will forego applying to IWF.

-- Torenity, Wiki Admin

Poll Results

IWF Poll Results: 12 in favor