Badarrow/Leveling History

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Leveling History

Leveling History[edit | edit source]

Chapters Classes/Levels Skills Additional Information
3.17 T Main Class Lv. 10+ N/A
  • It was said that Badarrow and the rest of the Redfang warriors were above Lv. 10.
4.33 N/A [Farshot Mastery]
  • He explained that he gained a new Skill after he shot the Goblin [Shaman] during the battle at Esthelm.
5.15 Main Class Below Lv. 20 [Shattershot]
  • None of the 5 Redfang warriors have reached Lv. 20 yet. Furthermore, another Skill was revealed.
5.41 [Archer] Lv. 25 (+?)

[Archer] → [Sniper]

[Doubled Range]

Skill Change
[Keen Eyes] → [Eagle Eyes]

  • [Archer] Class reached Level 25 and became a [Sniper].
7.12 G N/A Skill Revealed
[Two Mile Shot]
7.58 N/A Skill Revealed
[Zone of Interception Fire]
8.31 Revealed
[Sniper] Lv. 30+
  • Revealed that he is over Level 30.
8.52 MN N/A Skill Revealed
[Splintershot Arrow]
8.65 Revealed
[Mountainrange Sniper] Lv. ?
  • Class was Revealed by Niers, while he was wandering in thought.