Chapter 3.17 T

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Chapter 3.17 T
September 27, 2017
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Chapter 3.17 T is the 20th chapter of Volume 3.

tl;dr[edit | edit source]

Florist appears in Esthelm as well as Redfang Elite Warriors. Toren kills a Goblin Lord shaman and goes to Esthelm as well.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Toren reflects on his recently won liberty, while guarding an ever-growing field of corpses in the snow - travelers that he killed. He decides to start doing things for fun, and destroy things he hates: like Lyonette, bees and bells. He is unsure about Erin though. As a group of three adventurers surprises him, he can beat them back but not kill them. Toren goes south now, towards Liscor.

The Redfang Elite warriors reappear, still lost and struggling with the definitions of their orders to kill the Human Innkeeper. They have now been lost in the wilderness for six days, and fully lost the trace of Erin. After an intense debate, they decide to rejoin the main tribe and report to Rags. Not knowing where she might have gone, they all turn south towards Liscor.

In Esthelm, in order not to starve to death, a former [Florist] eats a burned corpse, damning herself, losing her humanity, and becoming a monster with an insatiable hunger. She sinks lower even, eating rotting corpses and is hunted by mourning survivors. Pillagers and rapists rule the streets until the Undead awake.

The Redfang Elite warriors under Grunters command encounter an advance War Band of the Goblin Lord, and rescue themselves into a nearby, ruined city - Esthelm.

Toren also encounters the Goblin Lord's vanguard, but he accepts the commands of the elderly Goblin [Shaman] to approach him. After getting close, Toren kills the necromantic [Shaman] by surprise, then battles against the Goblins until they disperse his bones. This incident throws the Goblins into disarray somewhat: They no longer have enough [Shamans]to control all their undead, and stop their approach on Esthelm since they can no longer assume command of all the dead and undead corpses of the city.

Toren reassembles and makes a new plan: Go into Esthelm, kill things, level up.

Characters[edit | edit source]

Locations[edit | edit source]

Creatures[edit | edit source]

Statistics[edit | edit source]

Nameless Florist[edit | edit source]

  • Rank 1 Horror – [Corpse Eater]
  • Rank 2 Horror – [Carrion Eater]
  • Conditions Received = [Terrible Hunger] – [Outcast Humanity] – [Wordless Thing]
  • Aspects Obtained = [Body of the Eater] – [Rending Claws]
  • Classes/Levels Degraded = [Florist] Lv. 12 (-7)
  • Skills Obtained = [Gaping Bite]
  • Skills Lost = [Aroma of Spring] – [Winter Growth] – [Quick Growth]

Items[edit | edit source]

  • Toren's Bronze Armor (destroyed)