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Quotes[edit | edit source]

Volume 4[edit | edit source]

  • (To Magnolia) “Of course not! How silly of me. Here I was worked up about the issue, while my dear husband assured me you would never have anything to do with that!”
  • (To her Knights) “My, but they are upset, aren’t they? Look at them looking around like ants. Or is that because we’re on a hilltop?”
  • (To her Knights) “Kill the Chieftain, and destroy as many Hobs and high-level Goblins on your way to her as possible, please. I will allow six to guard me, including you, Thomast.”
  • (To Thomast) “Oh, don’t look at me like that. We spoke about this! Or rather, I did. You know it has to be done.”
  • (To Goblins) “Prepare yourselves, Goblins. Tomorrow I return. Flee before then, or I will come back to crush you.”
  • (To Thomast) “Thomast, I’m not in the mood to hunt Goblins any longer. Let’s go home.”
  • (To Magnolia) “Magnolia? It’s me. Yes, Bethal. I’m not hunting the Goblins anymore. What? No, I see them. They’re right in front of me. But I’m giving up. Okay? Wait—stop shouting!”
  • (To Magnolia) “I lost two of my Rose Knights. Two! You said they’d be easy to—no, don’t shout at me! There were unforeseen circumstances that—how many were killed? A few hundred…maybe a thousand. Yes, there are lots more. No, I’m not doing it! There’s too much risk and I don’t feel like it. Yes, I don’t feel like it. I’m going back to my estate. Send a carriage to—hello? Hello?”
  • (To Thomast) “Prudish. Do be a dear and find us a nice deserted house so we can be alone. Or a tent. Or a bush. Or we can just find some grass and order everyone to look away.”
  • (To Magnolia) “You used to run about naked with me, Magnolia. Don’t act so prim and proper.”

Volume 5[edit | edit source]

  • (To Magnolia) “After you slapped me and told me to run or be cut down with my family. I never thanked you for doing that.”
  • (To Magnolia) “Not anymore. I thought I knew good and evil, Magnolia. But all this? This? This is madness.”
  • (To Magnolia) “I don’t think it’s the same. Magnolia. I think it hurts differently each time.”
  • (To Magnolia) “It seems natural to me. If Thomast died I would find his killer and make them suffer for all eternity. If a Drake sent by the Walled Cities killed him—I would do exactly the same.”

Volume 6[edit | edit source]

  • (To Thomast) “Don’t you think they deserve it? Don’t you? They called me a coward! When my family, my brother and father and mother all died there! Where were they, Thomast? Where were they?

Volume 7[edit | edit source]

  • (To Erin) “I like you! I say, do you have anything to wash a dress with?”
  • (To Erin) “You’re a young woman after my heart, Miss Erin. You don’t believe in sitting around, do you?”
  • (To the [Lords] ) “Oh, put it away, Ranga. This young lady has just saved your lives. In stunning fashion too.”
  • (To Thomast) “His face. Oh, Thomast. This is already everything I wanted!”
  • (To Pryde) “I’m not the one trying to lift pieces of metal, Pryde. The things you think are fun.”
  • (To Thomast) “That’s my corn, Thomast. I discovered it. Why do I have to share?”
  • (To Melidore) “He said, ‘challenge’, you pompous man. Or do your folk not know honor and duels? Leave Ryoka Griffin alone. My husband wishes to cross swords with your great warrior.”

Volume 9[edit | edit source]

  • (To Thomast) “We will have to stay together for warmth, Thomast. Perhaps freezing side-by-side in a tent! Huddling together, naked, for warmth. Oh, how terrible.