Chapter 2.31

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Chapter 2.31
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Halrac by Chalyon
May 31, 2017
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Chapter 2.31 is the 36th chapter of Volume 2.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Erin has 'invented' pizza, only to have the recipe 'stolen' by three Drake chefs from Liscor.

Erin shows Ceria how she can turn a Faerie Flower into a gold piece. She decides not to abuse that ability.

Halrac is in a sour mood until Erin invites him into her near-empty inn. He agrees because he wants to have some time alone. Erin serves him pizza and berates Lyonette, so Halrac stops caring. Erin eventually come around to serve him beer, and makes it better by squeezing a Faerie Flower into it. Halrac experiences a wonderful memory of his former love. Erin shakes him out of it and Halrac remains sullen.

Later, Pawn and Olesm visit the inn. Erin tells Olesm she is always willing to play him even if he isn't as good as her. Zevara comes in, and Erin obliviously seats her with Olesm and Ceria (they eventually leave the inn but Erin doesn't care at the moment), while she plays Pawn.

Pawn goes through a crisis because he has no idea what he is going to do as an Individual. He is close to becoming Aberration, when Erin tries to shake him out of his bad mood. She tells Pawn and Halrac the story of Moses in Egypt and basically advises him to lead other Antinium into individuality... and then tells them the story of Jesus as well for good measure, and many more stories of Christianity and Judaism.

As he leaves Erin's inn, Pawn's shattered world comes back together as he finds his own way: Believing in Heaven.

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  • Classes/Levels = [Acolyte] Lv. 1 
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