Chapter 3.31 G

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Chapter 3.31 G
Greybeard by Artsy Nada
November 7, 2017
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S03 – Wistram Days (Pt.1)

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Chapter 3.31 G is the 34th chapter of Volume 3 and the 6th chapter of Book 4, Winter Solstice.

tl;dr[edit | edit source]

Rags obtains the [Chieftain] class, passes by the Village of the Dead and saves one Goblin tribe from eradication.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Rags wakes up after levelling and her classes consolidating into [Chieftain] and her tribe celebrates for around three hours until Rags decides she needs to test her forces and organises a fight amongst non-Hobs. Rags gave the command and all the various groups of Goblins ran at each other and started fighting. Rags notices how well the Redfangs and the all-female warriors do before she wonders why the Old Goblin is fighting and giving advice to the female group. Then Rags does the same with the Hobs which let's her decide who gets what weapons from the armory, five of which were noteworthy. Redscar get's both a shocking sword and armor, Pyrite a shield and most of the other weapons went to the Redfangs who had to give their old gear to others. Rags begins to assign leaders to her various groups including Redscar, Poisonbite and Noears. Using her [Fleet Foot] skill Rags gets her tribe moving towards a well-known Village, that all the other Goblins had wanted her to avoid. As they travel Rags asks Noears about information he had gathered like the other tribes with strong Chieftains including a big Hob with many Hobs, a Witch and a tribe with many thieves. She steers the tribe away from a huge Snow Golem only to be attacked by an Armored Crawler which ends up killing 35 Goblins before being slain by the Hobs.

When they arrive at the village of the dead Rags leaves the non-combatants and leads her warriors to battle the Zombies at the outskirts. She arrays her forces in formation, ready to test them against the zombies, and charges along with the pikes but after realising how quickly the zombies came back to life after being killed does she call a retreat. Ghouls attack them and Rags gets injured fighting one before being dragged away by Pyrite, she wakes up from another memory dream with the tribe marching away from the village.

Once safe Rags asks Greybeard to tell her about the Goblin King and he tells her that he was present when Velan was killed and that he remembers the Goblin King before him, Curulac. The next morning she begins training with the Redfangs under Redscar's guidance and tthen decides that all the warriors will also begin training, Poisonbite however didn't want to and questions whether training is Goblin. Rags decides to take the tribe south.

A large group consisting of 40 bronze-rank and six silver-rank adventurers attack the Furgather Tribe, slaying the chieftain and Hobs, however the Flooded Waters Tribe arrives and Rags forces the adventurers to drop their weapons and surrender. They allow the adventurers to escape naked before telling the apparent leader of the Furgather tribe to either rebuild or to follow her.

A large caravan of a nearly a hundred Guards and Mercenaries heads towards Ostegrast before hearing the drumbeats of Rags' army. Surrounded the convoy accepts Rags' offer of escape by leaving their wagons. Once the tribe takes the horses and supplies she figures they can raid one more caravan before heading south back to Liscor.

Characters[edit | edit source]

Groups/Organisations Introduced[edit | edit source]

  • Furgather Tribe

Locations[edit | edit source]

Creatures Introduced[edit | edit source]

Creatures[edit | edit source]

Items[edit | edit source]

  • Magical Artifacts:
    • An Unbreakable Wooden Shield with faded paint showing some sort of flower on a field. – Given to Pyrite
    • A Sword that Shocks anyone that touched the blade, fairly badly. (it never stopped shocking and never ran out of magic.) – Given to Redscar
    • A Mace that seemed to have the weight of a Sledgehammer behind it. – Given to one of Rags’ Hobs, not one of the Redfang Warrior Hobs.
    • A Sword that threw Molten Fire when it is swung hard.
    • A Chest Plate that seemed to Fracture any non-magical weapon that struck it, breaking the blades badly on impact. – Given Redscar
    • A Shield that seemed to give anyone who held it a Rash.
    • A Spear that Sprouted Thorns everywhere except two specific handholds.
    • Gem of [Terror]
  • Twenty-foot Long Pikes

Statistics Obtained[edit | edit source]

Rags[edit | edit source]

  • Classes/Levels = [Tactician] Lv. 16 (+3.?)
  • Classes/Levels = [Leader] Lv. 15 (+2)
  • Conditions Met: [Leader] → [Chieftain] Class!
  • Classes/Levels = [Chieftain] Lv.15
  • Classes Consolidation: Removed = [Scavenger] + [Tinkerer]
  • Skills = [Tribe: Fleet Foot] + [Lesser Tinkering]