S03 – Wistram Days (Pt.1)

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S03 - Wistram Days (Pt.1)
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Wistram Academy by Enuryn
June 30, 2017
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S03 – Wistram Days (Pt.1) is the first part of the side story of Wistram Days, the 35th chapter of Volume 3 and the 7th chapter of Book 4, Winter Solstice.

tl;dr[edit | edit source]

Ceria's and Pisces' first meeting. They arrive at Wistram Academy.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Ceria had displayed her skills to an examiner and managed to be accepted to the academy, now at 58 years old Ceria is waiting at the southern docks in the port city of Belan, southern Terandria, with other prospective students and 20 gold saved up to pay for her one month at Wistram.

Ceria boards the ship, the Errant Traveller, and heads below deck to a mostly human group who start whispering about the Half-elf. A young boy, 16 or 17, chooses the Hammock near Ceria and after meeting his first Half-elf greets her. The pair begin to talk as the ship departs; Pisces having never killed a monster before begins to ask Ceria about her spells when thhey are interrupted by Charles de Trevalier being racist to Ceria. During the argment one of Charles' companions, Timor du Havrington draws his sword but Pisces responds by ringing the silver bell in his pocket and Ceria ignites her hand, but the Captain arrives at puts an end to it all.

Pisces explains the silver bell to Ceria and talk about the exam that will be held after their one month of introductory study - the exam that will determine if they could stay there.

The Errant Traveller passes through a storm as a Sea Serpent appears nearby, one of the sailors asks if Ceria has any spells able to take it out, she doesn't and the Captain sends a message to Wistram for help and hopes it ignores them in the meantime. It doesn't but as it attacks bolts of lighting from inside the storm strike it. A single mage, Archmage Amerys, flys through the air and kills the Serpent.

The Errant Traveller and three other ships, one with a broken mast, enter the calm area around the isle of Wistram and soon the students enter the academy, which Ceria notes is much larger on the inside. A Centaur, Calvaron, quickly guides the new students to their rooms but not before the Truestone Golem Cognita arrives to tell them the three rules: Never venture into the high or low parts of the castle unaccompanied, not to attack any Golems and no casting area-wide magic without consulting an experienced mage first.

Ceria gets a key for her room, but Pisces is required to speak his name to his spell locked room. Ceria and Pisces have their meal with Calvaron and a Dullahan, Beatrice. During the conversation Calvaron explains to the duo about the various factions in Wistram when a sudden there's a sudden Ghoul attack and Ceria quickly attempts to stop them but the older mages begin to cast spells and quickly take care of the situation.

Once that's over Calvaron mentions that there are twice as many prospective students this year and that it would be much harder for the two to pass the exam, unless of course they had one of the senior mages to be their patron. Illphres, the Cryomancer, ends up starting a fight in the dining hall with Amerys, before Calvaron chuckles and once again welcomes the two to Wistram. As the two talk Rievan interrupts and has Pisces showcase his Electric Jolt to the class; which Pisces does with exceptional skill.

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