Demas Metal Tribe

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The Demas Metal Tribe is a new Gnoll tribe on the rise.

Overview[edit | edit source]

The tribe is newly founded and rising in influence, thanks to creating the excellent Demas Metal and shaping it into weapons and tools.

Background[edit | edit source]

When Mrell was banished from the Stone Spears Tribe, he travelled as a tribeless Gnoll. He eventually sought out a vein of Orichalcum and met the Dwarf [Smelter] in exile, Demastel, living alone in a cave. Mrell apprenticed under him for three years before he passed away. Later, Mrell discovered a new metal alloy, and named it after his late teacher: Demas Metal.[1] With this, he founded his own tribe.

Specialty[edit | edit source]

The tribe's speciality is the creation and smithing of the Demas Metal alloy. The magical alloy may have existed in ancient times, but it was unknown in the current era even to Dwarven master smiths.

Demas Metal is colored cloud blue to dark violet, depending on the weather[1] and the position of the moons.[2] One of the components in the alloy is Orichalcum[3], and Pelt beleaves it also incorporates some sort of sea-stone. It is stronger and lighter than steel. It is heavier than Mithril, and just as strong. However, It does not have enough elasticity to make bows out of.[4] It leaves an afterimage when striking with it. Liquids, fire, and for a few seconds even electricity, can stick to it like a second coating, forming a second edge[1]. It's been compared to a Liquidtouch Enchantment, except this can be done by an unenchanted blade.[2]

Demas Metal objects can be created in greater quantity than Adamantium, Mithril, and pure Orichalcum items.[1]

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