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Reizmelt is a human city in Izril.

Geography[edit | edit source]

Reizmelt and its area on a map (Artist's rendition)

Reizmelt is located in a flat, fertile area[1] between a lot of cities.[2] Reizmelt is 79 miles to the east of Walta. For any decent city runner, it is about two days travel away from a city called Malmerra. It is about 8 hours average runner travel away from Blaiseford located in the Himalt swamp area.[3] The town of Baepr is also nearby.[4]

South of Reizmelt is a village called Nonsfru, which is where farmer Lupp has his small farm. The towns of Enam and Ingli are in the same area.

As Riverfarm is three days of hard running to the south of Walta, and at the same time southwest of Invrisil, it can be concluded that the Reizmelt area is definitely north from Invrisil, and possibly about 600 to 800 miles north of Liscor.

Layout / Buildings / Inns / Shops[edit | edit source]

Reizmelt has paved streets, a city wall fifteen feet high (around 4.5 meters) and a market plaza where business is conducted and children play. On a wooden stage, the town crier makes announcements, and local bards perform for the locals.[3]

Reizmelt has a few small gangs of criminals, among them Reizmelt's Gang which is above racketeering [Thugs] and consists of [Rogues] and [Thieves]. Aside from that, there is no presence from larger organized crime known.[5]

  • Runner's Guild[3]
  • [Openers] shop of Fierre[3] (one of three such places)[5]
  • The Huntress Haven, Inn of Mad Madain[3]
  • Scheming Golem, Inn[6]
  • The Blasted Pyromancer, Bar[5]
  • Kelysta, the Alchemist[3]
  • Emid, the Butcher[3]
  • Prall, the best of several smiths[4]
  • Kamine, a shoemaker[7]
  • Helma, a baker[7]

Known Inhabitants[edit | edit source]

  • Inhabitants of the Huntress Haven:
  • Runner's Guild
    • Alime (Receptionist)[4]
    • Mintal, Caawl, Oberfex (Runners)[4]
    • Todel, Melodie, Ghalim (Runners)[7]
  • Gailt, Mage[5]
  • the aforementioned shopkeepers
  • William, owner of The Blasted Pyromancer[5]

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