Jecaina Leysars

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Jecaina Leysars
  • Princess Jecaina of Jecrass (Old Title)
  • Daughter of Duels (Old Title)
  • Queen Jecaina (Title)
  • Arbiter Queen of Jecrass (Title)
  • Death’s Friend (Title)







Raelt (Uncle/Adoptive Father)





First Appearance

Chapter 6.15 K

Jecaina Leysars is the current queen of Jecrass. Known as the Arbriter Queen, she was crowned ruler of Jecrass after her father, [King] Raelt was taken prisoner by Medain .

Appearance[edit | edit source]

She is a tall, quick and limbered woman with natural hazel-green hair.[2]

She often moves around in tunic and leggins, allowing her freedom of movement.[1]

Personality[edit | edit source]

Jecaina is initially headstrong and naive. However, she matures, or rather is forced to when her father is kidnapped, and she becomes [Queen] of Jecrass.

Background[edit | edit source]

She is not Raelt's natural daughter, but the illegimite daughter of his half-sister who had abandoned Jecaina as a child. Rhaelt adopted her and named her his heir to the throne.[2]

Chronology[edit | edit source]

She, like her close friends Liass and Mellia, admires Flos of Reim. When her father forbid her to travel to Reim, and warned her against him, she angrily called him a [Tyrant].[2]

In fear of her challenging Mars to a duel, King Raelt forbid her to follow him when he met Flos at the border of Jecrass.[1] Just the next day, after Raelt had turned away Flos at the border, Jecaina fled the kingdom and tried to meet Flos in Belchan. She got close, but was stopped by Teres and some [Captain]. Mars headbutted her unconscious when Jecaina challenged her for an audience at the King. She was carried away and dumped unceremoniously outside the camp before Flos emerged from his command tent. A short time later, she was already back in Jecrass' capital.[3]

She insisted to accompany Raelt on his campaign against Belchan, where she witnessed her father's duel against Flos. She attempted to interfere, but was hindered from doing so by Orthenon.[4]

Powers and Abilities[edit | edit source]

Classes/Levels:[edit | edit source]

  • [Queen of Covenant] Lv. 30
    1. Derived from [Queen (Temporary)]
    2. Derived from [Dueling Princess][2] / [Duelist Princess][4]

Skills:[edit | edit source]

  • [Arbiter’s Judgment: Every Nation’s Judge]
  • [Fencer’s Riposte]
  • [Rule of Combat]

Kingdom Skills:[edit | edit source]

  • [Desperate Rallying]
  • [Quickened Breeding (Animals)]

Unit Skills:[edit | edit source]

  • [Bows of Sand]

Equipment[edit | edit source]

  • Fencing Sword, with a small silver bell tied to it.[2]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • She loves eating oranges.[2]

Quotes[edit | edit source]

  • (To Raelt) “But Dad—can’t I at least meet him? As a dignitary? Mellia says I could go as a diplomat. The King of Destruction’s supposed to be very handsome, and so is the King’s Steward. And he’s supposed to be unmarried…”
  • To Silvereyed Sables:
    • “How dare you? You haven’t sacrificed anything! You walk around, putting on airs—I thought Medain sent adventurers, not cowards with egos like Drakes!”
    • “If you want to challenge me, do it when there isn’t an army on our doorstep. As [Princess] of Jecrass, I order you to stop disturbing the peace or you will be arrested!”
  • (To Flos) “You have spilled too much blood here, Flos Reimarch. I cannot kneel after all you have done. You made war on Belchan, yes. But now Jecrass? I refuse you. Nerrhavia’s armies are creeping up on your ass. Be done with them and take Jecrass if you can!”
  • To Fetohep:
    • “Fetohep of Khelt. I speak to you not as Jecaina. But as Queen Leysars of Jecrass.”
    • “I still hope—Fetohep? I hope though, even if I am never your citizen? I could count you as a friend?”
    • “Fetohep. You have helped me more than I realized. Because now, today, at last—I know what I am. I know my value. I know the weight of my words, the breadth of my knowledge. And because I know myself—I know that I am not enough to win this war. I am not wise enough. I am not smart enough. I am not strong enough. But—it might be vanity. Yet I feel that if I had enough time…I might have done a better job. If I had a year, half a decade…but I don’t. I do not deserve my kingdom. I wish I did.”
  • To the Audience:
    • “Hello. I am Queen Jecaina Leysars of Jecrass. To those watching—I have called upon six great rulers of Chandrar, wise and knowledgeable leaders of their nations all. Each one I trust for different reasons, even if we are at odds—”
    • “—to weigh in on a decision that has haunted me since I was crowned. I am young to the throne of Jecrass, and have not reached a verdict in an issue of…morality. Judgment. Thus—I asked for the aid of a council of my peers.
    • “I understand that I do not have the scope to pass judgment—or the impartiality. Thus, I requested six of the most trusted rulers available. You sit now, rulers of Chandrar, in judgment. Seven thrones shall decide Lyfelt of Belchan’s fate. Whether he is guilty or not. I shall abstain, unless a deciding vote is needed.”
  • To Flos:
    • “King of Destruction, I called this conclave of authority to weigh in on Lyfelt’s fate. It is not for you to execute him. That burden—that responsibility is mine. My father fought a war in the name of his principles. I will not give Lyfelt to you.”
    • “King Reimarch. This war has gone beyond one man’s fate. Even the fate of Belchan! You have brought death and destruction to Jecrass! Now, the vultures and hounds circle! You may believe there is no more cause to war with Jecrass, but we have cause to war with you!”
    • “If you had not made war—if you had suggested this—if you had asked my father to ride with you, or simply asked to exist in peace, perhaps we would have been allies. But King of Destruction, look at what you have done. You know how many of Jecrass lie dead. I do not accept your call to end the war. And you will return Jecrass’ lands.”
  • (To Chaldion) “I do not think it is my personal feelings that change the truth, Grand Strategist. We have seen Gnolls slaughtered on Chandrarian ground without mercy, and a nation burned for it. I do not even know if the King of Destruction was wrong in his wrath—only how far he took it. We have seen innocent tribes slaughtered, a people deprived of magic, and clear culprits. Only, you have the gall to turn the blame back on Gnolls? Without proof? Let us have some, or we should call every statement into doubt. As well as your feelings, if any, on the people you share this continent with.”
  • (To Lyonette) “Perhaps we’ve all been fools who think we can solve everything with a sword. It weeps. I don’t know if this thing lives, but I don’t think it loves what it is doing, do you?”
  • (To Daemon of Luck) “You think. You weep. You are made of death and treachery. But—I do not think you are free. I see you tethered to that Gnoll.”

References[edit | edit source]