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Wyrms are one of the races of Innworld.

Physiology[edit | edit source]

Appearance[edit | edit source]

At birth, Wyrms look like serpents. The range of colors a Wyrm can be is unknown, but are always in vibrant and beautiful shades. Instead of wings, they may have two claws on the upper torso, or six legs, or having something like fur on the underbelly, or non having any of these features at all.

Physical Qualities[edit | edit source]

Size[edit | edit source]

As a Wyrm grows, they become longer without end.

Biology[edit | edit source]

Wyrms possess multiple hearts.[1]

Lifespan[edit | edit source]

Wyrms are believed to be quasi-immortal, so they will never die to disease or old age.

Magical Qualities[edit | edit source]

Wyrms are capable of projecting their thoughts. It is unknown if this is gained based on age or power of some kind.

Breeding[edit | edit source]

When Wyrms mate, the male is devoured by the female to provide energy for the creation of offspring. Wyrms give live birth to groups, with the strength of their parents determining the size of the group. There is seemingly no upper limit, with one Wyrm speculating that the union of himself and another would result in a hoard of tens of millions.

The offspring awaken already intelligent and kill each other in the womb so that the strongest are born.

The mating pheromones of the adult female Wyrm can last up to three decades.[2]

Weaknesses[edit | edit source]

The System doesn't seem to acknowledge them, thus being unable to obtain Classes/Levels and Skills.

Behavior and Culture[edit | edit source]

Personality[edit | edit source]


History[edit | edit source]

Wyrms may have ruled over Drakes alongside Dragons. It is known that Zessoprica, called the Sovereign of Sands, ruled Zeikhal in Chandrar. She was at least 11,441 years old.[3] She and other Great Wyrms ruled Chandrar until they were defeated by a coalition led by the remaining Dragonlords of the time.[4]

11,441 years ago, the last Great Wyrm was slain in Terandria. Six days after her death, her offspring emerged from her flesh and fought the celebrating armies. Most probably, the majority of them were killed in this battle, but the survivors fled in different directions. Some went to the sea and others dug into the earth.

800 years ago, the last two known Wyrms fought to the death. In Innworld's current age, there is only one known Wyrm. He believes there to be no remaining female Wyrms and few other male Wyrms, if any.

Known Wyrms[edit | edit source]

Alive:[edit | edit source]

Deceased:[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Drake are also descended from Wyrms to some extent. This is noted by those who possible have Wyrm lineage by having a rather long tail, and other genetic features.[5]
  • Crelers were created based on Wyrm.
  • Wyrmbane is a title for one who had slain or aided in the death of a Greater Wyrm.[6]
  • It is rumored that the Serpentine Matriarch of Zeres has a lineage descending from Wyrms.[7]

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