Chapter 1.06 D

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Chapter 1.06 D
March 10, 2018
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Chapter 1.06 D is the seventh chapter of the Side Story of the Doctor Edition and the 23rd chapter of Volume 4 and Book 5, The Last Light.

tl;dr[edit | edit source]

Ken learns about Okasha. The Earthers and Calectus make it to Gravetender's Fist and the other neutral parties and they all quit the battle. A week later the Baleros Earthers found the United Nations Company.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

  • Ken and Luan look for Aiko in the burning camp, they spot Calectus fighting eight Dullahans and then he begins to rampage and kills seven of them and the last runs in Ken's direction. Calectus kills it and avoids killing the human pair. Calectus comes to the conclusion that both sides attacked them and the three rush to the operating tent. They find a dead Selphid of the company before eventually finding Aiko, alive, having killed a Dullahan with a scalpel. Ken leaves Aiko with Luan and he then finds Geneva's body with her throat slit. But Okasha moves her body and calls out to Ken to get a healing potion as she manually pumps blood through her body.
  • Okasha explains to Ken what a Selphid is and how she came to join with Geneva. Calectus reminds them how important it is that nobody knows what Okasha is doing and then he explains that the Roving Arrow Company and the Razorshard Armor company are now desperate and will fight until oneside is fully destroyed.
  • When Geneva awakens Ken tells her that they need to leave. Geneva realises that she's lost everything and thinks she's failed. Calectus outlines that they need to leave but they can only run and fight or hide and fight but Calectus is the only real fighter with them. Luan suggests seeking shelter with Gravetender's Fist and Okasha tells them that she can be the scout by exceeding Geneva's limits. Geneva agrees since it will help avoid battle.
  • They make it to the neutral zone with Okasha leading them and Daly asks which of the two sides attacked Geneva when they both claimed the other did. Daly takes them to Quallet once they tell him both sides attacked and they find both Xalandrass the war vendor and Exara of Rot's Bane with him. All the neutral parties have joined together as they were attacked by both sides earlier. Geneva argues with Quallet not to fight and Geneva offers to go ahead of everyone hoping that the soldiers won't attack her. Xalandrass tells her that both sides will want to silence any witnesses after attacking the neutral parties.
  • Ken and Luan leave the tent to let the leaders argue, they find Daly who tells them Etretta died to save him and Quexa lost her leg and tail during the fighting. Luan's worried that Quallet or Xalandrass might cut and run if fighting starts, or that one of the parties will betray them for their own safety. Geneva storms out of tent and Luan guides her over to their fire for food. Geneva tells them that they need to be neutral, like Médecins Sans Frontières but Ken isn't sure that will work in this world. Ken notices that the banner of Gravetender's Fist is still visible despite the lack of sunlight because of the spell on it that makes it shine.
  • At the edge of the battlefield Xalandrass hands Ken a small ring, the loudest he has to amplify his voice. Ken tells all the combatants on the battlefield that Geneva Scale, the [Doctor], the Last Light is here. He tells them that both sides attacked her camp and that Gravetender's Fist, Rot's Bane and the other neutral parties are all going to leave. He emphasises that they will fight back if attacked but will not attack. The first to move is Geneva and the rest follow her through the battlefield. The soldiers on the field part to allow the procession to pass. About a quarter of the way a Centaur [Captain] calls out to the other Centaurs ordering them not to attack and flanks the left side of the procession. A War Walker, the one that was saved by Geneva's right does the same and guards their right. They manage to hurry off the battlefield safely but the battle continues on just as before.
  • Quallet had taken charge afterwards and led them as far from the battle as possible, Exara's company split off once safe as did a large number of Gravetender's Fist with their pay doubled. Xalandrass leads them east to a beach town of Lizardfolk. A week later Ken, now a level 18 [Negotiator], watches Luan race across the water in a modified canoe. Luan comes over and tells them that Aiko had confessed to him, but he had to refuse her since he's lready married. He tells Geneva and Ken about his son, a one-year old.
  • Luan suggests they form a company and invite Quallet to lead them, Daly, now an Axe Fighter suggests that Geneva forms a company and he and the other fighters will make their own. Luan says they shouldn't form different companies but stick together and Geneva agrees. They decide to form a company and include all the other races if they can.
  • Niers Astoragon was frustrated with the magical chessboard not having been used for over a month. He reads the latest report about new companies and after reading the news regarding the Razorshard and Roving Arrow companies calls them fools. The two companies had ruined their reputations, made the valley they were fighting over unusable and destroyed each other fighting. He also notes the name of a new company, the United Nations company.

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