Chapter 2.25

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Chapter 2.25
May 14, 2017
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Chapter 2.25 is the 28th chapter of Volume 2.

All events in this chapter happen parallel to the previous one, Points of View are: Lyonette, Erin and Toren.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Lyonette, the thieving [Princess] from Terandria, has been exiled from Liscor and left to die in the deep winter. Just in time, she is rescued by Erin, who brings her into her inn and offers her a job, or alternatively, enough food for Lyonette to reach Esthelm but no further assistance - which means that Lyonette still has a good chance to die outside the inn.

Lyonette agrees under duress to work with Erin, but can't suffer the presence of either Ceria (the "halfbreed") or Toren (the "horrible thing"). Her work ethics are similarly atrocious, and the next day, Erin has a hard time to make Lyon do anything. She eventually orders Toren to break her in, and Toren fulfills the task. Since Lyonette is obnoxious, Toren also takes delight in tormenting the girl.

In Liscor, Erin faces the consequences of rescuing the exiled girl, as Krshia refuses to deal with her, and introduces her nephew Brunkr who also takes offense with Erin's decision. Erin also meets Yvlon at the adventuring guild and learns about her motivations to return to adventuring.

After some days of misery for everyone involved, Erin has to face the Gnolls who have come to the inn as a gang. Erin delivers a speech, but Brunkr isn't moved. He challenges Erin, and she hits him, causing the other Gnolls to attack.

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