Chapter 2.26

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Chapter 2.26
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Erin punching Brunkr by pkay
May 17, 2017
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Chapter 2.26 is the 29th chapter of Volume 2.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Selys is told by Messyl that the Gnolls are preparing to attack the Wandering Inn. She manages to get word out to Zevara, but the Halfseekers are equally interested.

At the Wandering Inn, chaos breaks out: In the last two chapters, Erin punched Brunkr and started to fight the Gnolls, while Toren rushed to her aid. Ceria and Pisces also get involved now, and Erin tries to prevent Toren from killing his targets. Then, Griffon Hunt attacks both Toren and the Gnolls, trying to protect Erin. When Erin realizes that Ulrien attacks Toren, she attacks him, and Ceria and Pisces also start aiming for the Gold-rank adventurers. The Watch (Zevara, Relc, Klbkch and more guardsmen) getting involved only makes the situation more confusing, since Zevara can't make herself heard and Revi's summons just recognize them as threats. Relc punches out Ulrien and Halrac aims to shoot him with a non-blunted arrow, as Jelaqua reaches the fight. The Halfseekers are able to stop the fight by talking down Griffon Hunt.

Erin still battles Brunkr, and performs her first [Minotaur Punch]. After she knocked Brunkr down, she stops the fighting with a combination of [Loud Voice] and [Inn's Aura]. Klbkch then announces that everyone is under arrest; Zevara assesses the damage of the brawl as 30 injured, no deaths.

Brunkr swears vengeance against the city if they prevent him from killing Lyonette, but at that moment Krshia appears and tells him to shut up.

After the battle, Erin clears up the misunderstandings with Griffon Hunt (who are still concerned about Toren) and the Halfseekers. Meeting the real Jelaqua inside the body she inhabits, causes Erin to faint.

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Erin Solstice:[edit | edit source]

  • Skills Change = [Power Strike] → [Minotaur Punch]
  • Skills = [Minotaur Punch]