Frenzied Hare

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The Frenzied Hare is an inn, located in Celum.

Background[edit | edit source]

In the winter after her arrival in Innworld, Erin shortly found herself in Celum, saw that Agnes couldn't cook properly and her husband fell ill, so Erin helped out, ran the inn and founded the Players of Celum. The inn had to employ four barmaids in that time, additional to the help from Agnes and Erin cooking.[1] Eventually, Erin left Celum[2] and went back towards Liscor, and her relationship with the inn's real co-owner Agnes deteriorated to the point that Erin rather left her magical door with Octavia instead of Agnes' inn. A later dispute over Erin's hiring and firing of Agnes' barmaids didn't help their relationship either.[3]

At least, Agnes' husband is back on his feet again.[4]

Layout[edit | edit source]

The Frenzied Hare is a run-down inn, with shutters windows, no glass. It has stains and tracked in dirt with a bit more mess and a bit less polish than the Wandering Inn (of volume 2).

Clientele[edit | edit source]

Before and after Erin's stay, the clientele of the inn sometimes includes adventurers, but mostly local patrons: weary-looking men and women.[5]

  • Ryoka stayed at her inn, but not for long, when she first arrived in Celum.[5]
  • Garia stays here all the time because it’s cheap and Agnes is nice.[5]

Staff Members[edit | edit source]

Staff[edit | edit source]

  • Agnes - [Innkeeper] and [Tailor]
  • Jerom - [Innkeeper] and [Cook]
  • Unnamed Female - [Barmaid]
  • Unnamed - [Cook] (probably only temporary)

Former Staff[edit | edit source]

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