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Nombernaught, the Port of Eellen, is one of the Drowned Folks' secret cities of the depths and now a port city of the new lands of Izril.

Layout[edit | edit source]

Nombernaught is a gigantic vessel, dwarfing even the tallest ships. The city's exterior is bleak, to act as camouflage in the depths, but grows progressively more vibrant within. Its magical shield rivals the protections of a Walled City.

Entire parts of the city are grown out of coral, some still living and some dead, melded with wood and metal. It has pale spires of worn pearl, towers of magenta-red coral, and roads made of light materials. Pet crabs keep the streets clean. There are elevators of water, used by the Drowned-Folk for transportation across the city. Hatcheries are located at the base of Nombernaught, growing within its protective bubble.

Nombernaught had been kept in the depths by an ancient relic called Nom's Anchor.[1]

History[edit | edit source]

Nombernaught had been residing in the depths above the Cauzn Strait for two thousand years.

After the new lands of Izril had risen and the oceans were greatly affected, the city removed Nom's Anchor and rose to the surface on Shadeward Doroumata's order, to colonize the new parts of Izril for the Drowned People.[1]

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