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There has been discussion and contention about when and where to link chapters directly to their pages on the TWI Website or their wiki pages.

It has been brought up that some of our readers prefer a link to the chapter itself. However, the Wiki should also have its chapter wiki articles easily accessible as they do contain valuable summary information about each chapter that a reader may find useful. We should decide which link to use, in each scenario, depending on what brings more value to our readers.

Please use comments to discuss the issue, the policy proposal, and vote!

Policy Proposal[edit | edit source]

The following items should link to the direct chapter:

  • References and citations link to the direct chapter.
  • Character Quotes link to the direct chapter.

The following items should link to the chapter's wiki page:

  • Chapter Appearances
  • First Appearance in a character's infobox
  • Leveling History for each character

For exceptional circumstances outside of the above situations, it is understood that editors will proceed with common sense and choose the option that will bring more informative value and make more sense to a reader.

Proposal Polling[edit | edit source]

If the majority of the polling results are against the proposed policy, we will rework the policy and then poll the community once more, until a majority consensus is reached. The first poll will run for one (1) week and will end on January 23, 2024.

Poll Results[edit | edit source]

Chapter Linking Poll Results.png