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Acid Flies and jar of collected acidmashup made from banners by Raoul Solomon
Acid Fly, drawn by Maya Pardo

Acid Flies are a species of flies that appear in the Floodplains. They are attracted to blood and decaying flesh.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Acid flies are green and black, and resemble fireflies, but three times larger. Instead of a glowing backside, they have a large glowing orb filled with acid. They have four, bi-segmented legs, instead of the usual six that regular flies and insects have. Acid flies exhibit sexual dimorphism, where the females of the species are rarer and substantially larger.[1]

Overview[edit | edit source]

Acid Flies are mainly found in the Floodplains and are rare elsewhere in Izril.[2]

They contain a very strong acid in their bodies that is capable of easily corroding flesh and wood. This glowing acid sack is easy to rupture, resulting in the death of the individual fly, but also hurts or even kills nearby predators. Due to overwhelming numbers, the flies can survive as a species.

The males of the species are the workers of the species, locating dead flesh and applying small quantities of their digestive acid to it. Once the flesh is rendered into a syrup-like substance, they can slurp it up and store it in their lower abdomen, saving it for nourishment for themselves and their prospective female partners.[1]

The acid fly Mother or Queen is apparently much bigger than normal acid flies, larger than a human,[3] but still not too dangerous for adventurers to handle.[4]

Usage and harvesting[edit | edit source]

Erin discovered a method to capture Acid Flies using glass jars with bait inside where the acid flies would be able to enter but not exit. After capture, the acid flies can easily pop with any kind of disturbance to the jar. Using this technique, Erin was able to harvest large quantities of both acid flies and their acid.

During her first harvest, Erin trips over one of the glass jars and accidentally releases a large swarm of acid flies. She is saved only because of Pisces' quick thinking using [Frozen Wind] to freeze all of the flies. Erin then sells fried acid flies to members of Liscor, especially Drakes and Antinium.[1] Klbkch has a particular affinity for Acid Flies, and Erin later convinces him to bring Antinium Workers to the inn to sample some.[5] She also sells jars of acids to nearby adventurers, including Rags' Tribe.

Acid Fly Cooking[edit | edit source]

Eventually, Erin and the Antinium, especially Garry, started to experiment with different ways they could mix acid flies into other dishes. Acid flies, to Antinium, were treated as a delicacy and they became creative with how they would mix the flies in. The following are dishes made using Acid Flies:

  • Acid flies sprinkled into porridge[6]
  • Acid fly cookies[7]
  • Acid fly broth infused noodles[8]
  • Acid fly tarts[9]
  • Fish stuffed with acid flies[10]

Acid Jars[edit | edit source]

The Acid Jars have become an important weapon in several fights:

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