Chapter 2.27 G

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Chapter 2.27 G
May 21, 2017
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Chapter 2.27 G is the 32nd chapter of Volume 2. The G stands for Goblins.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Rags absorbs the Gold Stone Tribe into her own: She surrounded them with superior tactics and then accepted their unbloody surrender. As the united tribes prepare their evening meal, 60 mounted warriors under command of the Red Fang Chieftain appear in the camp, challenging Rags.

Rags refuses to fight personally and tries to ambushing the Red Fang leader. Every tactic fails, but the Red Fang Chieftain retreats and wants to show Rags that she is no true goblin leader. Rags has to retreat, while permanently being ambushed by the Red Fangs and their Carn Wolf riders. Her attempts to ambush them or lure them into a mined gorge fail.

Of Rags' over 800 goblins, 100 die within several days of ambushes and harrassment. One of Rags' Hobs challenges her but she can kill him and preserve her authority. She retreats all the way to Liscor and sets one final trap for the Red Fang Leader. All her Hobs and half of the remaining Goblins desert from her camp, and Rags prepares a feeble battle line. The Red Fang Chieftain avoids the pit traps in front of the battle line easily, but the Hobgoblins and the rest of Rags' force emerge from the pits and surround the Red Fangs.

In the middle of the battle, a memory of the Goblin King flashes through Rags' mind, and she understands that Goblins should not fight amongst each other. The Red Fang Leader tries to kill her, but she escapes into one of the Shield Spider pits and smashes a Jar of Acid on them both. She has a healing potion, and in an act of mercy, she spares her rest on the enemy leader. The Red Fang Chieftain hesitates, but then submits his tribe to Rags and tells her his name.

Even though she had him vanquished in the end, Rags realizes that Garen had gone easy against her - his 60 Elite Warriors should have beaten her 1000 low level followers. Garen then explains that he's not a good chieftain and that the tribes must unite against a bad Goblin Lord.

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