Chapter 4.14 L

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Chapter 4.14 L
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February 20, 2018
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Chapter 4.14 L is the 15th chapter of Volume 4 and Book 5, The Last Light.

tl;dr[edit | edit source]

Erin has also hired Drassi and Ishkr. Lyonette shows the new hires the ropes. Safry and Maran cause minor trouble. Ryoka teaches Pawn more about religions.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

  • Lyonette had reached level 11 as a [Barmaid], gaining [Charming Smile] and [Lesser Strength]. She's both happy and ashamed at having the skills and yet she's grateful to Erin for saving her. According to Lyonette Erin's one flaw is her impulsiveness and sometimes she doesn't mind but today she did.
  • Erin introduces Lyonette to the new barmaids that will be helping her, Safry and Maran, Drassi - Selys' friend and Ishkr - a Gnoll that Krshia introduced her to. Erin goes to cook all the food she can while letting Lyonette show them the ropes. Lyonette introduces herself as a level 11 Barmaid, Drassi at level 8 and Ishkr a level 16 [Waiter]. Safry and Maran state their levels at 21 and 22 and suggest that they'd teach everyone how things work.
  • Erin had, in theory, hired enough workers to give both herself and Lyonette time to have breaks and play with Mrsha, but Lyonette realises this hadn't accounted for the time Lyonette would need to spend teaching the workers. Lyonette realises that Drassi liked to converse with anyone nearby, but she always did it while working and she never lingered too long. Maran and Safry on the other hand sat around talking to the guests a lot relaxing when there was no food to serve rather than deal with other duties. Ishkr enjoyed idle work and had no problems with Mrsha's fur due to being raised entirely in Liscor.
  • As they continue to work the small incidents irritating Lyonette begin to pile up. The two barmaids clearly have problems with the non-human guests of the inn, being unable to tell apart Drakes, avoiding Bird and the Antinium. When Lyonette orders Maran to get water from the stream she suggests Ishkr does it despite him being on his break. Safry complains about Mrsha getting in the way constantly.
  • When Erin returns Lyonette only brings up the water problem and Erin goes to talk to them about it. In the night Lyonette realises that Erin had never mentioned who was in charge. When the next day begins Erin leaves for Celum and Lyonette has problems with the two almost immediately. Safry prioritises serving the gold-rank adventurers despite Zel having been waiting for longer and grimaces at the thought of flirting with the Drake.
  • The next incident occurs when Lyonette asks Maran to get water from the stream and she instead takes money from the jar and buys barrels of water from Celum despite Lyonette's insistence that it's too expensive. Safry mentions that she told Pawn to come back later when he came looking for Erin and Lyonette immediately rushes off to get him.
  • Lyonette drags Pawn back to the inn to wait for Erin. When Erin returns she hugs him and Ryoka introduces herself. After hearing of the danger Erin rushes off to tell Klbkch not to have Pawn risk his life. Ryoka takes the opportunity to talk to Pawn and try and dissuade him from his beliefs. Pawn explains the necessity of faith for the Antinium to her - asking her what she would give to someone with one day to live. He explains that that's how much time all Antinium might have and Ryoka realises that she was wrong about telling Pawn to give up on his religion.
  • Ryoka decides to help educate Pawn about other Earth religions that she's aware of and things that Erin couldn't answer. Pawn begins to copy ideas from some of what Ryoka tells him and by the time Erin returns Pawn asks to ave a thurible made. Erin tells Pawn that she can make one using her [Advanced Crafting] and they create a large prototype from a colander and string.
  • Maran intercepts Erin and tells her about buying water from Celum and Erin think it's a great idea. Lyonette comes running over explaining what had happened with Maran refusing to go to the stream. Erin goes over and publicly scolds the two whilst still pointing out that Lyonette told her. Ryoka notices the impending drama and asks Pawn how much he trusts Lyonette. He tells her that he trusts her completely before he falls asleep.

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  • Prototype Thurible