Chapter 5.30 G

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Chapter 5.30 G
October 20, 2018
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Chapter 5.30 G is the 32nd chapter of Volume 5, and the 10th chapter of Book 8, Blood of Liscor.

tl;dr[edit | edit source]

Reiss fights with Tremborag and Garen. Reiss begins assaulting Dwarfhalls Rest. Pyrite learns how to blind the [Emperor] by destroying the wooden totems and tells Rags.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

At Lord Tyrion’s camp multiple Lords and Ladies meet in a tent, chief among them are [Lords] Gralton Radivaek, Erill Fienst, Yitton Byres, and [Lady] Ieka Imarris. The four decide to question Tyrion on his inaction regarding the Goblin Lord. Before the nobles enter Tyrion's tent, Tyrion orders his sudden and weary guest to be attended to. Tyrion has also just recently received a letter informing him of specialized reinforcements, who he has been awaiting. With that, he strikes camp and his forces begin moving.

Garen and Tremborag parlay with the Goblin Lord, the latter tries to convince the other two Goblin leaders to join his tribe. They refuse. Reiss reveals that he and Garen have had a past, to Tremborag's shock. The three and their small entourages come to blows. Reiss and his Undead drive Tremborag and Garen off, back into Dwarfhalls Rest. Reiss' assault begins.

Rags' roving Redfang warriors raze the countryside, spreading in all directions as a strategy to counter enemies who seem to know where she and her Goblins were. Over time, Rags learns that whatever ability is at work, it isn’t omniscience. Her traps still work and quick, split-second tactics can’t be countered by the Humans in time. Despite this, Rags and her Redfang warriors are still unable to rest for long, before the Humans find them. She sounds the retreat.

Pyrite, resting within Lancrel's walls, uses this time of reprieve to think on the all-seeing abillity that the Humans seem to display. From the trickle of Redfang warriors returning to Lancrel, Pyrite learns that the wooden totems are essential to the Humans' strategy and tactics. With these totems destroyed, some of the Redfang warriors had been able to hide and remain undetected. He sends Goblins out to search and destroy more totems. Rags returns with less than 240 Redfangs, of the original 400 that had rode out of Lancrel. Pyrite informs Rags what he has learned about the wooden totems.

Day 104. Laken is immensely worried about the loss of totems. The army he had sent, including Durene, arrives at the city, with trebuchets, and lays siege. Rags studies the trebuchets, and comes up with a plan.

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