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The Libertarians are a Human-centric faction and one of the more powerful factions at Wistram Academy.

Background and Policies[edit | edit source]

The Libertarians want the Academy to start taking sides with different nations and throwing their influence around.[1] The Libertarian faction usually pushes for Wistram to actively support mage-friendly nations and condemn or blacklist those that might prove to be enemies of the academy.[2]

The Libertarian faction loves recruiting members that have a family with deep pockets and influence. In exchange they throw a bit of help back towards their family when they’re having their own political battles, that way everyone wins.[3]

The majority of them are Humans, hailing from Terandria, and they take a deep interest in the politics from there.[2] Terandrians tend to look down on other races and think of humans as superior, which also plays a role in their recruiting.

Members[edit | edit source]

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