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Quotes/Thoughts[edit | edit source]

Volume 6[edit | edit source]

  • (To herself) “Oh, I am a bee, and a bee I must be. But what is a bee, if a bee is not free?”
  • (To Lyon) “What shall we do? What do you see? What pulls you, and how do you see me? What shall I do? By what reason am I free?”
  • (To herself) “At last, I fly free!”

Volume 7[edit | edit source]

  • (Thoughts) After all, what was a bee if she could not fly as high as could be? A bee was high as she could be. And she was free.
  • (Thoughts) But not her comrades in the dark. So the bee went higher in her head. For the hive fought valiantly. But one day, if not rescued, they’d be dead.
  • (To anyone) ‘whee…look at me, I’m flying!

Volume 8[edit | edit source]

  • (To a Hawk) Come on, bring it. Bring it. No? Why are you flying away, buddy? Huh? Huuuh?
  • (To herself) Lo, the Doomslayers have been repelled, though some escaped, but enemy turned into friends reunited with teacher! Onwards! Now, onto war and salvation for the little child.
  • To Fellowship:
    • Got him! Thanks for buying me time, everyone.
    • I did it. Mission accomplished, boys and girls. Bring her home.

Volume 9[edit | edit source]