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Halfling (Mutated)







Crossroads of Izril

First Appearance

Chapter 9.64 BH

Bograms is a mutilated Halfling stalking the Crossroads of Izril and killing those who explore it.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

He was a Halfling, modified to have been enlarged to eight feet tall. He's huge and bloated with oddly lumpy flesh.[1]

Personality[edit | edit source]

Bograms is sadistic and cowardly, taking pleasure in fooling and tormenting his prey, but refuses to risk attacking them directly even while invisible. He preffers instead to send monsters after them or drive them to his killing grounds.[2]

He has a deep hatred of humans, which he refers to as "Terandrians".

Background[edit | edit source]

He was a Halfling mutated by Terandrians as a weapon and unleashed upon the Drakes. This has happened so long ago that he's forgotten his original name, and has adopted the name Bograms to make his enemies think of Bogleraums and further demoralize them. He's been trapped in the Crossroads with two other Halflings, continuing to hunt those in the realm such as the survivors of Lesegoth after it fell, and devouring them. Over time, he's converted the Trial of Shields into his personal killing grounds, placing dangerous illusions within and modifying the traps to be lethal.[2][1]

Chronology[edit | edit source]

Bograms observed the Horns of Hammerad and Colth while they were exploring the Crossroads. Eventually he presented himself to them under the illusion of a giant malformed cyclopean Drake. The group was suspicious and fled, but Bograms ambushed Wer, preventing their escape from the Crossroads. He then sent monsters to attack them so they wouldn't stay put.[3]

Bograms proceeded to torment them for several days while pressuring them towards the Trial of Shields, and made attempts to steal Ceria's circlet. Once at the entrance, he knocked out Yvlon and carried her towards the cave, forcing the others to pursue, where they where magically transported and scattered into the maze. He tried to target Ceria first, who managed to bluff him long enough for Colth's aggro Skill to draw him away. He then tried to torment Colth, but gave up once he and Yvlon fought and destroyed every trap in their way in the process. Ksmvr evaded him entirely with his invisible Cloak of Stalking. Then Pisces reanimated the maze, ruining his traps and driving Bograms away by sending the maze's defenses after him. Once they were reunited, the Horns set an ambush for Bograms with the help of Vofea, who could see past his illusions. The adventurers turned the tables on him, revealing his true form and seriously injuring him, but they were driven off by the arrival of the other two Halflings, Asgrel and Mahadak.[2][1]

Powers and Abilities[edit | edit source]

Illusions:[edit | edit source]

Bograms is a master illusionist, able to create sights, sounds and smells. He's able to make large illusions to subtly warp the perceptions of others, while remaining unseen. His illusions are good enough to fool all of Colth's anti-illusion and trickery Skills. He can place permanent emplaced illusions in an area.[2]

Limitations:[edit | edit source]

Bograms is unable to fool the sense of touch or mana signatures. He also has a limit to the amount of illusions he can make at once.[2]

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