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Archmage refers to either the proper apex of the Mages classes or the ceremonial title bestowed upon premier [Mages] in Wistram.

Overview[edit | edit source]

[Archmage] Class[edit | edit source]

The [Archmage] class is the highest [Mage] class and is considered to be a nigh unreachable goal for [Mages] to reach in the current time setting of the story. Few if any exist in the world today.

An [Archmage] that is specialized above all else in a specific field of magic will obtain an addendum to their main class about their main specialization. For instance, an [Archmage] specialized in Physical Enchantment magic will have the [Archmagus of Strength] Class.[1]

Archmage Title[edit | edit source]

By comparison, the Archmage title is given to the premier [Mages] of magical institutions, most commonly in Wistram Academy. It used to be that almost all Archmages were [Archmages] in name and class, but with the general decline in magic, that is no longer the case.

Az’kerash and a few others have theorized that the reason why the current apex [Mages] are not advancing to the [Archmage] Class is because they are not practicing and mastering all fields of magic, which include death magic (Necromancy).

List of Archmages[edit | edit source]

[Archmages]:[edit | edit source]

  • Ailet Sundrev - Archmage of Sunlight (Deceased)[2]
  • Dreosh - Gnoll [Archmage] (Deceased)[3]
  • Igawiz (Deceased)[4]
  • Kishkeria - [Archmage of the Eternal Grasslands] (Deceased/Soul Consumed)[5]
  • Nekhret (Deceased)
  • Perril Chandler / Az’kerash - [Archmage of Death]
  • Quarass (Previous Lifetimes)[6]
  • Seenaw - Garuda Archmage of Light (Deceased)[7]
  • Soyekol (Deceased)[8]
  • Silvenia Ettertree - Archmage of Demons[9]
  • Tolleve-beis - Archmage of Dragonfire[10]
  • Valmira (Deceased)[11]
  • Zelkyr - Archmage of Golems (Deceased?)
  • ??? - [Archmagus of Strength][1] (Deceased)
  • ??? - Naga [Archmage][12] - Archmage of Waters / Archmage of Nagas[13] (Deceased)
  • ??? - Garuda [Archmage of Sky] of Wistram (Deceased)[14]
  • ??? - Stitch-man [Archmage of Sands] (Deceased)[15]
  • ??? - Stitch-woman [Archmage]/Archmage of Fire (Deceased)[15]
  • ??? - [Archmage of Metal] (Deceased)[16]
  • ??? - Mage of Magic’s End (Deceased/Soul Consumed)[16]

Titled Archmages:[edit | edit source]

Unknown If By Class or Title:[edit | edit source]

  • Coloquex - Archmage of Eyes[19] (Deceased)
  • Doorsa[20]
  • Igawiz[21]
  • Rezinoul[13]
  • Salindeca[22]
  • ??? - Archmage of Sinful Magics[23]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • It is speculated but not confirmed that the current Titled Archmages' actual Class is that of a [Grand Magus] as it's the second highest mage class, second only to the [Archmage] itself.[1]
  • Some species have traditional terms for members who become Archmages. A Garuda Archmage is titled "Archmage of the Skies," while a Naga Archmage is referred to as "Archmage of Nagas."[12]
  • In Innworld there was once in the past an Archmage piece in Chess game that could teleport to any square not under threat by another piece. Its ability was considered cowardly, and it was meant to be a clear insult to Wistram.[24]

References[edit | edit source]