Chapter 1.04 D

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Chapter 1.04 D
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Geneva by LiRe
March 6, 2018
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Chapter 1.04 D is the fifth chapter of the Side Story of the Doctor Edition and the 21st chapter of Volume 4 and Book 5, The Last Light.

tl;dr[edit | edit source]

Geneva heals Luan. Calectus speaks about her importance to Selphids. The Americans desert and are executed by Dullahans. Ken, Aiko and Luan join Geneva over Gravetender's Fist.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

  • Quallet pulls back his company and threatens the Centaurs with cancelling their contract and demanding full reparations. When they arrive with Luan the Selphid Calectus has them wait as the doctor sleeps. When Geneva is finally awake she triages the queue putting Luan seventh despite being the first to arrive. Calectus explains that Luan has been hit by an Evercut arrow and stops them from applying pressure to the wound. Ken watches as only 1 of the first 5 patients manages to live after the [Doctor] tries to save them.
  • Geneva finally gets to Luan. She cuts into him trying to find the arrowhead and manages to find it after Okasha points it out to her. After checking for fragments and closing the wound with a healing potion she has Luan carried out, but there are still more patients and Geneva continues to work until the sun begins to set. Quallet finds Geneva and he thanks her for saving his soldier, he offers to pay her but Geneva explains that she's healing people impartially but will accept any donations.
  • Okasha secretes a bit of Melatonin into Geneva after Quallet leaves and encourages her to rest. Once asleep the Selphid, still ambivalent over taking control of a live body, is approached by Calectus. Okasha reveals that she doesn't believe Geneva has levelled yet but Calectus cautions her not to take risks because Geneva's value to the Selphids far outweighs either of them. Calectus hopes that if anyone can save the Selphids from the wasting it would be Geneva. He wants Okasha to get her to level 30 before suggesting they leave. Geneva wakes up while Okasha remains asleep. She takes out a small stone enchanted to record voices and replays the conversation between Calectus and Okasha.
  • Luan wakes up and Ken tells him about the [Doctor]. They conclude that she might also be from their world when Aiko helps translate blood transfusion for Ken. They hear an argument outside; it's the other Earthers, Johanas and the Americans in the group are arguing with Daly and the others about leaving. The Americans want to leave and Daly's lot don't want to take the risk. Johanas tells them to put it up to vote but Daly points out that the Americans outnumber them anyway and that's also how they wound up in Gravetender's Fist in the first place.
  • They go to talk to Daly, who happens to be petting a small furry animal called a Beriat. Both Aiko and Paige are enamoured with the small thing when Quexa runs over to chase it. She stomps on it to the dismay of all the humans and Ken has to explain to the Lizardgirl why they were so upset. The Lizardfolk explain that Beriats are pests that eat all the grain but also taste good - which Ken agrees with after trying it.
  • Quallet has Gravetender's Fist work for the night, but this time far away from the Centaur's camps, with Luan's group close to the company banner. Neither Luan nor Ken had seen the Americans about and Xor was looking for them. After work Ken heads to bed as Quallet interrogates Daly where the others have gone. Luan wakes Ken just past Dawn and they leave the tent to find Johanas and some of the Americans kneeling in front of a Dullahan with an axe. Luan explains that they were caught sneaking about and as the group are unable to do anything Luan shields their eyes as the Dullahan executes them. The three of them realise that they need to leave and decide to attempt to make it to the [Doctor]. They manage to steal a white flag from camp and get to Geneva.
  • Luan introduces the three of them to Geneva, telling them that they arrived a week ago. They ask if she's also like them and Geneva tells them that she was a medical student from America. The trio look sad and then explain what happened to Johanas. Geneva tells them that despite having not graduated medical school she still felt that she had to help people which led her to here. She agrees to help shelter the three and those from Earth if they can get there. Okasha had heard everything
  • The trio return to their camp to bring the others but are unable to convince Daly nor any of the others they talk to. Daly thinks Quallet was right: this is the safest way to gain levels so that they can protect themselves and if they just leave they'll be in the same situation as before. The three go to Quallet to tell him that they are leaving, admitting that they want to be open about the decision. Quallet doesn't stop them but tells them that going to the Doctor isn't much better than their current situation. Ken asks if Quallet had tipped off the Dullahans about the humans trying to desert but he remains silent and leaves the tent.

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Items[edit | edit source]

  • Healing Potion
  • Evercut Arrow
  • Azurite Stone with a Magically carved Rune embedded in the center of it. It records voices. It took just a touch to activate.