Chapter 1.03 D

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Chapter 1.03 D
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March 3, 2018
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Chapter 1.03 D is the fourth chapter of the Side Story of the Doctor Edition and the 20th chapter of Volume 4 and Book 5, The Last Light.

tl;dr[edit | edit source]

Kenjiro Murata, Aiko Nonomura, Luan Khumalo, Daly Sullivan and Paige build up friendship. Luan gets shot with an arrow and is brought north to the Last Light of Baleros.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

  • Geneva performs surgery on a wounded Dullahan, sparingly using the healing potion to cure his internal injuries. After having other soldiers take away the Dullahan for rest Okasha asks Geneva to explain how she would have dealt with a complication to the procedure. Geneva explains that she would have done a blood transfusion but with healing potions it isn't as necessary. Okasha encourages her to rest and the Level 26 Doctor, despite being tired, tries to stay awake, at least for the next lot of wounded.
  • Ken watches as Luan and Aiko team up to kill an undead Centaur. The five of them, including two Dullahans, drag the corpse back to be cremated before heading back out. This was the third night that Gravetender's Fist had been there to drag corpses back to be burned. The group comes across another pile but as they work on the pile a Ghoul is discovered nearby. Quallet rushes over a quickly kills the Ghoul.
  • The next afternoon Ken takes a chance and approaches the Lizardfolk of Gravetender's Fist just to talk. Quexa, a [Sorceror] introduces herself and talks quickly like many Lizardfolk do as Ken has observed. Ken responds in kind and Quexa mentions that they've noticed the humans having sex frequently and concludes they must have a lot of birth charms. Ken continues to converse with Quexa as she tells him about Selphids and other races on Baleros. She also mentions the artifacts that the humans have and Ken shows them his dead iPhone.
  • On the fifth day the Americans trade their flashlight with one of the war vendors sharing the neutral zone and Johanas offers beer to Ken. One of the Nagas is looking at the pair and Ken reassures Johanas who then asks if they want to party. They do and begin to join the humans. Johanas then approaches the Dullahans but Ken notices that Johanas has made a mistake by not approaching the Dullahan with the best armor. They decline and Ken continues to watch the Lizardfolk as Aiko comes over. They get into a small argument about Ken watching the Lizardgirls and Aiko liking Luan. Aiko storms off and Luan comes over to check on Ken. The two talk about the Americans trading the flashlight for alcohol when Daly, an Australian [Rogue] joins them.
  • Daly complains about the Americans to the two before he goes over to join the drinking which has extended to the other two suppression companies. Ken confides in Luan about his plan to talk to the Dullahans despite Aiko's problem with them. Luan agrees an dgoes to talk to Aiko. Ken approaches the same group of Dullahans and begins conversing with the Scaled armored one, followed by the one in iron. He apologises to the group on behalf of Johanas and the leader introduces herself as Etretta Fulvrie. At night Ken becomes a level 2 [Negotiator].
  • On the sixth day Daly introduces Paige to the trio as they watch the fighting between the two sides. Paige mentions that one of the Untimely Demise was shot by someone last night. Ken had told Aiko and Luan about his new skills to Aiko's jealousy but as he was thinking he notices Quallet shouting at one of the Centaur officers. Ken rushes over seeing the Centaur getting angry and manages to calm the Centaur. They agree to specifying their work area and maintaining their banners as they would have done anyway. Quallet assigns Ken to be the liasion for the Centaurs and Dullahans.
  • During their work Luan tells the two that the Americans want to desert the company but Ken realises that leaving the neutral area will be extremely dangerous. Luan suddenly gets hit by an arrow from an attack by the Centaurs but they manage to wave their lanterns of their neutrality. Officer Raeh brings a healing potion to help Luan but it doesn't dislodge the arrowhead. Raeh wants to cut the arrowhead out but Ken tries to stop him asking for a hospital of some kind. Quallet arrives and tells them to take him north to the rumoured Last Light.

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Creatures[edit | edit source]

  • Zombies
  • Ghouls

Statistics Obtained[edit | edit source]

Kenjiro Murata[edit | edit source]

  • Classes/Levels = [Warrior] Lv. 4 (+3)
  • Classes/Levels = [Negotiator] Lv. ? (Above 2)
  • Skills = [Amateur Linguist] – [Polite Demeanor]