Chapter 2.23

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Chapter 2.23
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Erin saving Lyonette by onionlittle
May 7, 2017
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Chapter 2.23 is the 26th chapter of Volume 2.

tl;dr[edit | edit source]

Erin experiments with the yellow flowers left by the Frost Faeries. Toren learns to think. Krshia suffers the losses of her stall and collection of magic tomes. Erin rescues the Human thief. Two Gold-ranked teams arrive in Liscor. A Named Adventurer sets out for Izril.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

After her shock of being scammed, Erin is testing the golden yellow flowers that the Frost Faeries have left her. As she samples the nectar, she apparently shrinks, like Alice in Wonderland. This is however just an illusionary trip.

Toren has had a bad day and for the first time realizes that Erins words are factual wrong. She sends him away to get help after being shrunk, and on the way he contemplates his situation, and that he is now able to contemplate at all. He finds Ceria and brings her to the inn where she helps Erin.

Meanwhile, Selys observes how the [Thief] who burned down Krshia's stall is exiled from the city - the girl was not cooperative but was clearly from some important family, so the city decided not to execute her but chase her out into the snow. Selys feels pity for her and makes a deal with Pisces: He gets enrolled in the Adventurer's Guild like he wants; when he notifies Erin about the helpless [Thief] out in the winter.

Krshia is crushed. In her stall in the Marketplace had been 23 books of magic, a collection of her efforts of a decade. They are burnt and lost now, and her only hope is that she somehow can organize somewhat for the Meeting of the Gnoll Tribes that will take place soon.

Ksmvr confers with the Free Queen about the issue of the [Thief], and the loss of the Gnolls about which they both know quite well. The Queen also inquires about the attempts to form individuals, but the success rates so far were abysmal. After dismissing Ksmvr, the Queen directs her Soldiers and Workers that defend against Liscor's Dungeon - a secret that the Antinium have known about for a long time. Her goal is to retrieve some artifacts from there.

In the Inn, Erin and Ceria are busy planting Faery Flowers - Erin casually revealed her origin to Ceria - when Pisces comes in and informs them both about the Thief, like he agreed to do with Selys. Erin immediately sets out to rescue the girl.

Magnolia receives Val, who has brought her a message from Ryoka. However, Magnolia is delighted but not overly excited by the message that announces a talk "soon", since she has assembled a room-full of other-worlders in the last week. She doesn't tell Val the true significance of the strange people, but encourages him to gossip about them.

In Liscor, two teams of Gold-Rank adventurers arrive. And a Named Adventurer starts a journey across the sea to Izril, from Terandria. (Her identity is still unclear as of volume 7.)

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