Mad Ones

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The Mad Ones are a group of eccentric [Engineers], [Alchemists], and other creative classes based in Baleros.[1]

Background[edit | edit source]

They were affiliated with Flos during his reign, as he was the only one willing to tolerate and fund their dangerous and often insane experiments.[1]

They’re currently staying in Averach, but Mars believes that they would likely sent a delegation if asked by Flos, as no other ruler puts up with them as he does.[2] Some are also held in Nerrhavia's Fallen.[3]

Strength[edit | edit source]

They’re a group of walking disasters that create wondrous inventions and chaos. Having one of them in a city practically guarantees destruction and loss of life, but under Flos, they worked to create miracles for him.[2]

They are considered a Gold-rank and occasionally Named Adventurer rank threat due to their experiments, the Mad Ones nevertheless produce the occasional useful invention. They are also left alone by and large, because sending an army to destroy or detain them would probably result in an explosion. That is to say, more explosions than normal.[1]

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