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Leveling History

Leveling History[edit | edit source]

Chapters Classes/Levels Skills & Spells Additional Information
Wistram Days (Pt. 1) [Mage] Lv. 14 N/A
  • He revealed his Level to Ceria shortly before they entered Wistram, which was roughly 7 years ago.
2.20 [Mage] Lv. 20 N/A
  • He leveled twice from Level 18 by learning [Invisiblity] during his 2nd year at Wistram.[1]
  • In 6.67 it was confirmed that he was still a [Mage] at that time, as this wasn't previously clear.
1.06 R (Archived) [Necromancer] Lv. 22 N/A
  • Ceria remembers that Pisces was Level 22 at some point during his stay at Wistram, though she didn't say which class he had then.
2.02 [Necromancer] Lv. 27 N/A
  • Gazi revealed his Level, which happened after Toren's creation.
2.16 [Necromancer] Lv. 28 Unknown Skill
  • He leveled once and gained a new skill from having raised his first Undead Shield Spider.
4.27 H [Necromancer] Lv. 29
[Mage] Lv. 18
  • He revealed his Levels in both of his Classes to his team members.
4.37 O [Necromancer] Lv. 30 Revealed
(Gives the User Greater Mastery of Bone Shaping)
  • He told Olesm his current level, which he reached just a day before. Reaching level 30 enabled Pisces to create Bone Horrors.
6.67 [Necromancer] Lv. ? (at least 32)
[Mage] Lv. 20
[Mana Well] / [Ashen Mana Well]
  • For summoning both Behemoths, Pisces Leveled twice in his main Class. Additionally, he reached Level 20 in his [Mage] Class for the second time.
  • While he had stated that he got the Skill [Mana Well] Ashen, in 8.57 H it would be revealed that the Skill actual name is [Ashen Mana Well].
8.19 H Conditions Met
[Necromancer] → [Ossific Necromancer]
[Ossific Necromancer] → [Deathbane Necromancer]

[Deathbane Necromancer] Lv. 38 (+?)
[Mage] Lv. 22 (+?)

[Fencer] Lv. 6 (+6)

[Constant Foe (Undead)]
[Authority of Death (Lesser)]
[Drain Death Mana]
[Improved Mana Circulation]

[Undead Shattertouch]
[Ritual of the Lord of Bones]

Interlude – Pisces [Slave] Lv. 3 (+3) Skill
[Master’s Sympathy]

[Famous Name]

9.31 Revealed
[Duelist of Wistram] Lv. 14 (+14)
  • Finally accepted a [Duelist]-related class. The system took note of his desires, and he received a class that consolidated with his [Mage] class.
9.64 BH N/A Skill Revealed
[Undead: Duelist Instincts]
  • After the Class Synergy Skills were unlocked, it is revealed that Pisces had obtained the [Undead: Duelist Instincts] Synergy Skill.
9.69 H (Pt. 1) Revealed
[Deathbane Necromancer] Lv. 39
9.69 H (Pt. 2) Conditions Met
[Deathbane Necromancer] → [Necromancer of Reclaimed Grandeur]

[Necromancer of Reclaimed Grandeur] Lv. 41 (+2)
[Duelist of Wistram] Lv. 17 (+2)

[Seeker of Stories] Lv. ? (+?)

[Animate Undead – Objects]
[Monumental Animation]
[Reanimation: Reclaim Earthly Possessions]
[Manufacture Stellar Ivory]
[Rising Spearthrust]

Skills Revealed
[Flash Parry]
[Impaling Lunge]
[Manacharged Reflexes]
[Quick Reset]

[Unearth the Tombs]
[Bound Spell – Rapier: Boneclad Enchantment]

[Duelist of Lesegoth]
Title Skill
[Sword Art: Joveln’s Parry]

  • Revealed that the [Duelist of Wistram] Class was Level 15, before Leveling Up +2 later.
  • The bound spell for the duelist class appeared because Pisces repaired his broken rapier with bone during his duel with the Drake construct of light.
  • Skills that Pisces obtained when he became a [Duelist] were revealed during the duel with the light construct.

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