Chapter 4.27 H

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Chapter 4.27 H
April 10, 2018
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Chapter 4.27 H is the 33rd chapter of Volume 4 and Book 5, The Last Light.

tl;dr[edit | edit source]

Pisces gets bear bones and Horns clear out a Creler cave. Regrika meets Ryoka and reveals to be Venitra.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

  • Lyonette wakes up to becoming a level 6 [Princess] and gaining [Royal Tax]. She realises that knighting Brunkr must have done it and heads downstairs to help with breakfast. She notices some guests have overpaid and tries to return the difference but they don't take it. Erin tells Lyonette that it's a tip but Lyonette realises it's a result of her new skill working. She wants to tell Erin her secret but realises it would put her in danger and it would be much safer if the only person on the continent that knew her identity was Magnolia Reinhart. And Pawn and Ryoka, but noone else.
  • Ryoka tells Krshia that she's sure Lyonette's a princess. Brunkr's still in shock at becoming a [Knight] overnight and Krshia wanted to confirm with Ryoka that he and Ishkr hadn't misheard. Ryoka doesn't think that the revelation changes anything but Krshia disagrees. Ryoka asks about Regrika Blackpaw and the Gnoll pair begins to gush over the Named Adventurer. Ryoka tries to leave before Krshia insists she finishes enjoying the cubes of meat.
  • The Horns sit at a table in the Adventurer's Guild feeling dejected after seeing Regrika. Ceria tells them that Regrika's nickname is Fortress Blackpaw, whilst Ksmvr isn't sure of what emotions he should have been feeling after seeing the Named Adventurer. Selys calls them over and she tells them that her grandmother, the Guildmaster, has not vertified them as GOld-rank and needs them to take on some requests to prove that they deserve the rank.
  • She also informs Pisces that he can't practice [Necromancy] and reads out a long list of species' bones that he is banned from using, notably excluding Lizardfolk. Pisces becomes more hostile over the limitation and before Ceria can say anything Ksmvr makes an objection and says that other adventurers would agree. Another adventurer pipes up and says that they wouldn't want a [Necromancer], but Ksmvr is offended by the idea that his corpse would hold no tactical value. They return to the inn.
  • Ceria suddenly exclaims that she's learnt a new spell and demonstrates [Ice Wall] to her team and the other patrons. She tells the others that this was the spell Teriarch told her to learn and Typhenous gives his approval. Yvlon returns and tells her team that she's gotten a request for them to do, hunting a trio of bears just past Esthelm. Ceria notices that Yvlon is a bit upset but the other gold-ranks start to give her advice: make sure they're not actually Mothbears, or rabid or infected by Brainshrooms.
  • The Horns take Termin's wagon to their destination and Ceria asks why Yvlon took the request. Yvlon tells them that she was tired of sitting around and Ceria says that they normally talk about things beforehand, but let's it slide. They talk about Regrika and her gold-rank Mage and Yvlon says that as they're still silver-rank she chose a request that would remind them of that.
  • Pisces disagrees saying that he considers the team equivalent to a new gold-rank team and he at least rates himself at that level. Yvlon argues back, asking if he thinks he's comparable to Typhenous or Moore and Pisces tells her that he doesn't think it's apt to compare to veteran gold-ranks, plus he's being restricted from using the full extent of his class. Yvlon continues the argument by reminding Pisces of the horrors that Az'Kerash unleashed and before Ceria can stop him, Pisces starts to point out that Yvlon hates him and his proffession.
  • Yvlon however takes a breath and tells Pisces that she doesn't hate him, she hates necromancy and the undead but she can live with Pisces himself. They suddenly arrive and Termin has them leave the wagon before hurriedly departing northwards to avoid the Goblin Lord. After an hour of walking they find bear tracks outside of a cave and the others look to Ceria for their plan of attack. She just suggests they charge in and sort things out. They do eventually come up with a plan involving Ceria's new [Ice Walls] to create a choke point.
  • They discover the first bear's skeleton, filled with bite marks and then see the second larger one only half-eaten. Pisces moves his light source to reveal the third bear corpse being slowly eaten from the inside by baby Crelers. The Horns retreat to the entrance but the Crelers chase them and Ceria isn't able to block off the tunnel with her new spell. Yvlon cuts through them easily with her enchanted sword so the rest fall back, but then she thinks she spots and Adult Creler.
  • Ksmvr leaps to Yvlon's aid while Ceria gets bitten and poisoned by one of the smaller Crelers forcing Pisces to carry her. Pisces raises the skeleton of the two bears while Ceria puts up more Ice Walls and [Fireballs] the group. The two undead bears manage to pin down the larger Creler for Yvlon to finish it off with her enchanted sword. The Creler takes 20 minutes to die and Yvlon says they need to get Ceria to a healer or Octavia. Ceria points out that Yvlon's arm is broken, but Yvlon tells them that she can't feel it at all.
  • Ksmvr and Pisces finish clearing out the rest of the nest, saying that they took out 18 small crelers and the adult, but he informs Ceria that Ksmvr told him it was not an adult, but a Juvenile Creler. Pisces offers to correct the bones for Yvlon's arm and she agrees as she can't feel it due to having [Ignore Pain]. Ceria confronts Yvlon saying that nobody gets [Ignore Pain] so easily and Yvlon reveals her new class, [Wounded Warrior], and the skill let's her function as without it she wouldn't be able to bear the pain from her arms. Yvlon asks if Pisces can add more bone to her arm, but he says that it wouldn't work and be rejected by a human body.
  • Yvlon begins to continue her thought from the wagon: she hates [Necromancers] and the undead, and her family has always been devoted to justice. They have a history of being [Knights] and she was raised to hate necromancy and would never choose to travel with one if she had a choice. But she tolerates it for Pisces and only him, watching to make sure he doesn't abuse his magic. She then shares her level a class with the rest of her team: a level 26 [Wounded Warrior]. Pisces tells her that when a Mage's class transcends they need to begin as a [Mage], and he reveals that he's a Level 29 [Necromancer], and a Level 18 [Mage]. Ceria likewise reveals that she's a Level 25 [Cryomancer] and Ksmvr reveals that he's a Level 16 [Warrior], having been only level 12 when they met.
  • Ksmvr begs to not be ejected from the team and Pisces reassures him that they won't. They decide to return when they begin to feel cold after the Corusdeer soup starts to wear off. Ksmvr offers to carry Ceria but Yvlon points out that bear bones weren't listed on the Necromancy list so they have the bear skeletons pull them back to Liscor via sled.
  • Regrika Blackpaw and her mage teammate, Ikriss, spot Ryoka walking in Liscor. They call out to her and invite her for a drink to discuss scouting the Goblin Lord's army. Ryoka tells them that she's had enough of insane runs and doesn't want to risk her life but Regrika stops and reminds her that she ran trespassed in the Necromancer's territory a month ago. Regrika turns her ring and the illusion disappears revealing her true form as Venitra.

Characters[edit | edit source]

Locations[edit | edit source]

Creatures[edit | edit source]

  • Crelers (18 Small Ones & 1 Juvenile)
  • Undead Bears

Statistics Obtained[edit | edit source]

Lyonette de Marquin:[edit | edit source]

  • Classes/Levels = [Warrior] Lv. 1 (+1)
  • Skills = [Basic Footwork]
  • Classes/Levels = [Princess] Lv. 6 (+1)
  • Skills = [Royal Tax]